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How to Check Airpods Battery Status on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac

How to Check Wireless Airpods Battery Status on iPhone

Apple Airpods Battery Life, You should prefer not to wait for low battery alert or notification before considering recharging your Apple Wireless Airpods and Charging case. Apple’s Other bluetooth products including Apple Pencil etc. To continue to listen to Music on your wireless AirPods then you have to charge it time to time before full

Best AirPods Straps and Cases: Never loss your Wireless Air pods

The Best Straps for Apple Air Pods 2016

Best AirPods Straps, Apple’s first generation wireless Air pods is a real technology stuffed bluetooth headphone for enjoying music. The W1 chip outputs good sound quality, even though, the Apple Airpods come only with charging case and Lighting to USB cable and doesn’t with Strap. Hence, you will have to extra care to keep both earpieces