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How to Change Your AirPods Name on iPhone and iPad

Rename AirPods with iPhone 7 Plus

Apple Wireless AirPods, the big revolution steps over the Wireless technology. Indeed, the global tech Company released better earpieces than old wired earbuds. Music lovers and fashion industry exited through this rechargeable AirPods. In short, there are not many words to say something about it. Therefore, as an AirPods owner, you should know everything about

How to find lost airpods using iPhone, iPad Remotely

1 Find lost Airpods using iPhone via App

Time to go we collect alternative solutions on Find lost airpods like Keep paired/ joined both Airpods on Airpods Straps and Now the latest one is using your iPhone or iPad that I explained here. Apple Airpods ($160) high price for all, But I think it’s the best price for excellent sound quality, Airpods Setup