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tvOS 13 Features: All You Need To Know

tvOS 13 New Features Highlights

tvOS 13 was released with a lot of amazing features that will definitely blow your mind. Enjoy the latest TV Shows, Games, Movies, and much more on your personal user account. Apple TV 4K gains, the alluring Home Screen with HDR screen savers. This time with more personalized functions of tvOS 13, will keep engaging

Fix Apple TV Blinking light/doesn’t not stop flashlight: Free Troubleshooting Guide

Apple TV 4 best streaming device

Many people have reported that Apple TV light does not stop flashing? Is that a problem with your Apple TV too? Generally, when we try to update the Apple TV, the flashlight begins to trouble us. Since it is Apple TV, there are only limited troubleshooting tricks to fix the issues. For Apple TV flashlight

Fixed Apple TV Billing Information/Verification Required Error on Purchase or Download apps

Verification Required error fix

Most of the iOS device’s services are extended to Apple TV also. That means a lot of features and applications that you are using in the iPhone can also be downloaded in the Apple TV. Free applications are easy to download, till now I haven’t encountered any issue with the app which is available free