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Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Not Working: Complete Solutions

Walkie Talkie not working on Apple Watch fixed

The brand new Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch was introduced with the watchOS 5. But people are now taking interest and using Walkie-Talkie. What if you are the new user on Walkie-Talkie and stuck with multiple issues? There is nothing to worry; we will guide you to fix Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie not working. Apple Structured Walkie

Microphone On Apple Watch Not Working Calls, Text, Where is Microphone on Apple Watch?

Microphone not working on Apple Watch for Siri call and FaceTime

Why Your Microphone On Apple Watch Not Working and Disables for Calls, Text, FaceTime Calls, Siri? Here’s the fix.  Apple Watch is a great mixture of all the major functions including calling, messaging and more. So it’s hard to find where is the problem with apple watch. here you can find the solution from the

Fix Frozen App on Apple Watch Series 4, Keeps Crashing, Unresponsive, Heating

Apple Watch App Freeze and Hanging after update

Recently purchased the Apple Watch Series 4 and having issues such as Apple Watch series 4 apps crashing and freezing, we will let you know how to fix in this post. Most of the time misbehavior of Apple Watch is simply fixed by a restart and sometimes it takes to the end where you have

Apple Watch Series 4 Won’t Charge to 100 and Stuck on Charge

Keep Apple Watch Charging like this

Apple Watch Series 4 Won’t charge? No worries, just give some more time to the Apple Watch and check if the charging process is resumed or not. If not, then you should consider our troubleshooting guide to fix Apple Watch Series 4 won’t charge. Usually, it happens when any malware attacked on watch, or it