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How to Change the Refresh Rate on Apple Pro Display XDR 32inch

How to switch or Change the Refresh Rate on Apple Pro Display XDR

A Refresh Rate to be used on 32inch Pro Display XDR should be selected depending upon your workflow. At $4999, Apple is delivering a set of features, so that you can bank on Pro Display XDR, anytime, in any mood. To match with your workflows, it is necessary to change between refresh rates, for instance,

How to Use Reference Modes on Apple Pro Display XDR

How to Change or Set or Use Reference Modes on Pro Display XDR

While the Apple Pro Displays XDR is awesome, you might be wondering how this expensive display will fit in your workflows. Considering the same point and to make suitable for every person, apple has introduced various reference modes. From professional uses like video editing to watching movies, Apple has covered you entirely. The reference mode

How to Clean Pro Display XDR Display: Here’s Complete Guide

How to Clean Pro Display XDR Display complete Guide tutorial

Apple’s Pro Display XDR requires a special, Apple made a piece of cloth to clean. Don’t even think the display with wet or any other cloth, Apple has made a polishing cloth that can only be used to cleanse the matte nano-texture display. Though this restriction is only for nano-texture glass displays, Apple didn’t specifically