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Best Airplay 2 Supported Speaker – Where to buy AirPlay 2 Speaker?

1 Best AirPlay 2 supported model list and where to buy guide

Top best Airplay 2 compatible Speaker list that apple recommended. iOS 11.4 or later iOS device able to stream music on AirPlay 2 compatible device. Now Apple recently declares the list of best music company that manufacturing AirPlay speaker. Some speaker already available in Market so you don’t feel awkward and trouble in operating. Just

Fastest Way to Access Wi-Fi HomePod to Play Music

Fastest Way to Access Wi-Fi HomePod to Play Music iPhone

Music fans always love to discover new music to listen through its device. And of the excellent example is the Apple Music user. Yes, I’m also hugely connected to the Apple Music than Spotify and Pandora thought a day. I love to make new soundtrack playlists in my iOS Music App and trying to navigate

HomePod MAC address Determination: Here’s Fix

HomePod MAC address Determination fixed featured

Do you exactly know that why we need a MAC address? It is an address through which our network remains on the safe side from the anti-social peoples. It is an address of a device which identifies it uniquely from others. IEEE network technologies mostly use it as a network address. When was I checking

How to Set Sleep Timer on HomePod for Playback, Auto Stop

1 Sleep Timer on HomePod for Apple Music and Podcast radio and more image featured

Almost 50% of new generation fellows have the habit to play songs while they sleep. And I am one of them, so somehow when you fall asleep while listening to your playlist no one is going to listen that songs and it may blow up some part of HomePod during the night. Meanwhile, after this