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How to Set Up HomePod Using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Set up HomePod Using iPhone or iPad

Hey guy you browsing a genuine way to Setting up HomePod without any issue I mean quickly? Then let’s see in this thread how do I set up Siri Speaker using your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. To first time Set up HomePod, you can follow my below-given directions or can also take the help

Apple Siri Speaker: HomePod Features, Release Date, Price & Spec

1 ApplePod Siri speaker by apple

Apple will officially declare all about new Apple Siri speaker (HomePod) in WWDC 2017. Also, it’s remarkable for the developers and gives a few months time to developer own app for new Siri speaker (Home automation system and more). Siri-Enabled smart speaker by Apple now in a market as the toughest competitor of Amazon Alexa,