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Siri Suggestions Not Working in iOS 9: Fixed for iPhone/ iPad

Siri suggestions not working in iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Siri Shortcuts is the new feature in iOS 12, check my past tutorial for, are you finding the solution for Siri Search Suggestion not Working in iOS 12? Most of the users are facing problem on Siri suggestion or Siri result when you type anything in spotlight search box. In Siri problems, you will get overlapping

How to reset Personal Hotspot Settings in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

How to change or reset Personal Hotspot Settings on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus in iOS 9

Here you can get about reset personal hotspot setting in iOS 9. But before that let know walk through little bit about history of instant hotspot. First time the internet tethering was brought out on iPhone 3G by the Apple. But it was working only with USB and Bluetooth. After that it has been revamped