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Best iPhone SE wooden cases: For the Real artist

iPhone SE wooden cases in premium quality

iPhone lovers who only ignore leather/ slaughter or any kind of against humanity, the Alternate option is a wooden case, here from the genuine wooden craftsmanship. You have a great option for decorating your new iPhone SE with the Best iPhone SE wooden cases. The wood layered case, still have a stunning protection against bump,

Siri Not Working on iPhone SE/5S, How to Fix?

Siri doesn't understand

Apple’s small size iPhone SE comes with personal assistance Siri and software iOS 9.3 version. in starting the Siri worked nicely and it easily understood questions, too. But anyone else having problem that the Siri doesn’t working on iPhone SE after update iOS, or addressed an issue of Siri and dictation. Don’t Worry, we came here

Six Tips to Save Battery Life on iPhone SE and iPhone 5S on iOS 13

Improve Battery Life on iPhone SE

The Smartphone user’s flagship problem is the battery life of their phone. Due to many curious apps, functions of the Smartphone that eats up more battery life and at the end battery drain problem occurs. So to improve battery life and keep away from this kind of issue, you should have essential technical knowledge about

[Fixed] Touch ID not working on iPhone SE: iOS 11 or later

Touch ID not working on iPhone SE with iOS update

Most of the Touch ID compatible iOS Device’s users left Touch ID use due to Touch ID not working on iPhone SE or Slow response time for unlocking screen or on App store. But if you know, Touch ID is apple’s essential security feature. And now Touch ID widely use on the iOS device for