Mac – HowToiSolve Blog For Latest Tips & fixes for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, iOS, macOS Problems. Apps, Software, accessories reviews, news, Deals, Tutorials in Video. Mon, 20 May 2019 15:03:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mac – HowToiSolve 32 32 AirPods won’t Connect to Mac or Airpods Not Showing on Mac Bluetooth Device Mon, 29 Apr 2019 05:09:50 +0000 Frequently, some users have reported that AirPods won’t connect to Mac. After using over a year, now AirPods are creating issues and it is not the case with only old ones. Another disadvantage of using AirPods is you can only connect wirelessly, and when difficulties like AirPods won’t connect to Mac arise, Is AirPods are useless for Mac Users? No, But this trick works [100%], For Windows PC or Mac and Other Smart Devices like Android, Tablets, iPad.

You can use Your Airpods with any Bluetooth Device and listen Awesome sound that comes from the world’s best wireless Apple Earpods (Airpods 2 or Airpods 3). In this post, we have covered all the workaround which will help you to get rid of connecting issues of AirPods and restore the functionality of AirPods.  After trying each solution, check if the AirPods are connecting to the Mac or not.

Solutions are works for MacOS Mojave or Earlier all MacOS (MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, MacOS EI Capitan, MacOS Mavericks, Yosemite).

Quick Fixes for Airpods Won’t connect to Mac, MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini or Other MacBook Pro/Air

Solution 1: Correct way to Reset AirPods While Connecting to Mac

Generally, Apple has made AirPods use with ease, and they are meant to connect iPhone and Mac automatically. But sometimes due to some inadequate problems AirPods won’t connect to Mac or MacBook. Don’t worry, let’s try to connect AirPods to Mac manually.

Step #1: On your Mac, click on “Apple Menu”.

Step #2: Go to “System Preferences”.

Step #3: Select “Bluetooth”.

Step #4: Click on your AirPods when the Bluetooth result appears.

Step #5: Click on (x) next to the AirPods.

Step #6: Choose “Forget Device” when the pop-up appears.

Step #7: Get back to the home screen and again follow the procedure to connect AirPods to Mac manually.

During Scanning the Bluetooth device, Reset Airpods at the same time showing in below screen. at that time reset your Airpods. To reset Airpods 2 or Airpods 3, Open Airpods cap, Now Press and Hold the White back button. Until the white light will blink.

Now, Airpods will show in the list of nearby bluetooth devices.

Airpods won't connect to Mac
Airpods won’t connect to Mac

Click on connect button to listen to music or Mac Audio on your Airpods as an Output audio device. That’s it.

Hands-on Video Troubleshooting for Airpods Won’t Connect to Mac

Solution 2: Remove other Accessories from Mac

Still, AirPods not connecting to Mac? Please be sure that no other Bluetooth device is connected to your Mac. I would suggest you remove all the accessories except mouse and keyboard and then try to connect AirPods with Mac. Check if it fixes AirPods connection to Mac.

Solution 3: Reset AirPods

In many cases, users are not familiar with the functions of AirPods and end up with such issues. So, we have only one solution for them, that is to reset AirPods to factory settings. Once you do so, all the settings will get cleared to factory settings and then you should try to connect AirPods with Mac.

Step #1: Hold down the button that is on the back side of the AirPods Charging Case (White button).

Step #2: Release the button when you see amber light and then white light.

Solution 4: Update AirPods

Like iPhone, Apple releases bug fixes and improvement in AirPods over updates.  Since you are dealing with one of the most critical situations with your AirPods, make sure AirPods are updated to the latest version. Here’s how to update AirPods,

Step #1:  Connect AirPods to your iPhone.

Step #2: Now, go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step #3: Tap “General”.

Step #4: Select “About”.

Step #5: Locate and tap “AirPods”.

Step #6: You have to verify the Firmware Version of your AirPods if it is latest or outdated.

Step #7: If the firmware version is not 6.3.2 then you need to update AirPods.

Useful: How to Update Airpods?

Step #8: Put back the AirPods in the case and place it near to iPhone to start automatic updates.

Solution 5: Update macOS

If AirPods are up to date and yet AirPods won’t connect to Mac, then check for the updates on your Mac. Before doing, connect the Mac or MacBook with a strong internet connection to update the system without any interruptions. Follow the guide stepwise, as per below criteria.

For macOS Mojave:

Step #1: Click on the “Apple Menu”.

Step #2: Select “System Preferences”.

Step #3: Next, click on “Software Update”.

Step #4: If any pending update is available then click on “Update Now” and install it.

For earlier macOS:

Step #1: Launch the “App Store” on your Mac.

Step #2: Select “Updates” on the top of the screen.

Step #3: To update, use the Update button and get it done.

Above guide is Straight forward and Easy that learn how to connect Airpods to Mac and What are the solutions if My Airpods are unable to connect your Mac or Unknown mac. Write to us and send your Feedback on how this article helpful and problems so we can assist you!

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Here’s the Fix Gray Square Border on Mac, MacBook Display Sun, 21 Apr 2019 08:47:49 +0000 Recently on my MacBook, there is a gray border around the home screen and I don’t know how it came on screen. But then I searched on Google and found that there are other people having the same issue of the gray border on MacBook. As of now, I have used macOS a lot and with some good experience in troubleshooting macOS problem, I have concluded three solutions to fix Gray Square Border on my MacBook.

These are very basic tricks that will definitely help you to get rid of this dilemma. Alongside, if you can’t fix the problem with the help of below techniques then you should run for Local Apple Store and show them what you are dealing with.

This Troubleshooting solution works for MacOS Mojave and Earlier or MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, MacOS EI Capitan, MacOS Yosemite.

Gray Square Border on Mac Screen Display
Gray Square Border on Mac Screen Display

Troubleshooting for My Mac Screen Showing Translucent gray Border Around Mac Screen

Solution 1: Restart the MacBook

A gray square border around the MacBook rarely occurs due to some unknown system glitch. Yet, the actual reason behind this issue isn’t detected. However, you can try to fix Gray Frame around MacBook by force restarting the MacBook. Here’s how to restart MacBook,

Step #1: Press and hold the Power button until the screen goes off.

Step #2: After the MacBook turns off, press the Power button to boot up the MacBook.

Solution 2: Use Kill All Dock command

Another troubleshoot to fix Gray Square Border on MacBook is to close all the applications running on Dock. Though it is difficult and time-consuming to kill all the dock one by one, so we will take help from the Terminal. By entering one command in the Terminal section, you will be able to kill all Finder, App from the Dock in a single click. Follow the procedure to use the Kill All Dock command,

Step #1: Press the Command+Space key on your keyboard.

Step #2: Search for “Terminal” and hit Return.

Step #3: Type “killall Dock”.

Step #4: Press the Return key,

Step #5: Now, the Dock will restart.

Step #6: Exit the Terminal.

Solution 3: Force Quit app on Mac: From Apple Menu or Using Activity Monitor app

Option 1: Quit all running apps and Finder from Apple Mac or MacBook, Go to the Apple logo on Mac Menu > Quite Apps > Select App the You to want Force Quite and Click on Quit an app.

Force Quite app for Fix Grey Border on Mac
Force Quite app for Fix Grey Border on Mac

Option 2: Open Spotlight Search (Command + Space) and Type to Open Activity Monitor app on your Mac. Select App that running on your Mac and Click on Quit to Close app from Background.

End Process on Mac
End Process on Mac

Useful Solution on My Mac Won’t Force Quit an app.

Solution 4: Check for the Updates

Is your MacBook updated to the latest firmware? If no, then make habit of updating the macOS as it can cause several other issues like this. Alternatively, turn on Automatic Updates so that whenever any new update is released by Apple, MacBook will automatically get updated.

For macOS Mojave:

Step #1: Click on the “Apple” menu.

Step #2: Select “System Preferences”.

Step #3: Locate and click “Software Update”.

For Earlier macOS Versions

Step #1: Launch the “App Store”.

Step #2: Click “Updates”, which is on the top of the screen.

Step #3: Lastly, update the Apps and macOS by clicking on the Update button.

Wrap Up!

Most of the problem on a screen that related to lines shown on screen fix with the above solutions. But if there is a hardware issue inside your Mac. Contact Apple Support and Get Free Assistance and Repair if your MacBook is under warranty. Write back to us, How we can help you in details with your Mac Problem. also, Share your Feedback and suggestion in the comment box.

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Test Drive These VPN Apps for Mac OS of 2019: MacOS Mojave & Earlier Wed, 17 Apr 2019 07:53:48 +0000 Mac users who want to mask their IP address and browse online without being traced can utilize a virtual private network (VPN). There are several providers out there who offer premier VPN services. However, some providers offer features and tools that are perfect for Mac operating systems.

Here is the pro difference between all most popular VPN services for your Mac and iOS device. That included number of Free Devices, Encryption Techniques, Global Service and Servers, Setup Guide, Money Back Guarantee, File download options, Traffic and Bandwidth.

Let’s take a look at some top VPNs for Mac computers, iOS phones, and iPads: The Best Alternatives

Best VPN Apps for Mac OS
Best VPN Apps for Mac OS

1: Surfshark

Surfshark has one of the cleanest platforms anywhere in the VPN industry. It provides over 800 servers in 50 countries. It offers a premier user experience with a smooth interface. One of the things that users will love most is that Surfshark’s privacy features automatically run by default when a Mac user turns on a computer or smartphone. It blocks ads, malware, and trackers. Mac users will also enjoy the MultiHop tool that provides ultimate privacy when users are online.

Surfshark for MacOS is rare in that it allows unlimited iOS device from a single account. It uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols with AES 256-bit encryption. It is perfect for iPhone mobile apps because it doesn’t drain battery power a quickly as other VPNs.

Since Surfshark allows P2P sharing, it is ideal for users who want to torrent anonymously. Test results also reveal just how fast Surfshark is across several servers in different countries. There is very little noticeable difference between using the VPN and turning it off.

Download From App Store or Download for Mac

Features Include:

  • Unlimited devices
  • Whitelister for both apps & websites
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Kill switch
  • Private DNS & leak detection
  • Camouflage mode
  • Multihop
  • IP masking
  • AES 256-GCM encryption
  • IKEvs2/IPsec secure protocols

2: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers high-end, consistent protection for its subscribers, making it a top-draw for VPN services. It fares well in speed tests across multiple servers around the world. Both a critic and customer favorite, Express VPN provides extremely fast access to websites, servers, and streaming services.

Users can log in to Netflix, Amazon, or BBC iPlayer and enjoy hundreds of TV shows and movies. Subscribers can get fully customizable apps on all Mac devices such as iPhones, iPads, and computers, as well as Amazon Fire TV. The app is easy to set up and even easier to use.

One of the best things about Express VPN is its impenetrable encryption and privacy. Users can depend on the kill switch when their privacy is threatened. ExpressVPN also doesn’t keep logs or collect user data. It operates really well in high-censorship countries and regions such as China.

Features Include:

  • 24/7 live support
  • Fast file upload and download speeds
  • HD streaming
  • Zero connection drops
  • 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries
  • No restrictions
  • 30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN uses OpenVPN standards that make it perfect for Mac users. It provides a high level of security that Mac users have come to expect from a VPN service.

3: Cyberghost

Cyberghost VPN service offers remarkable speed and an extensive list of privacy features. CyperghostVPN’s zero-logs policy makes it among the most trustworthy of all virtual private networks on the market. Like all other reputable providers, Cyberghost grants access to otherwise blocked sites such as Netflix Amazon. Cyberghost also works in conjunction with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

For those who are concerned about speed, Cyberghost rivals any other service. It provides super-fast connects, peaking at 262Mpbs in some areas. It offers impressive download and upload speeds for large files. It is also a preferred VPN for P2P users and those looking for access to torrents. Cyberghost provides service on over 3500 servers on all inhabitable continents. It also has an impressive number of IP addresses.

Features Include:

  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • 3700+ servers
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols
  • Apps for Mac devices
  • 45-day money back guarantee

4: Nord VPN

NordVPN offers numerous features on a secure platform that gives users absolute privacy. NordVPN combines useful functions, top security standards, and a strict policy of not recording logs. It is easy to use, well-designed and offers unmatched protection for subscribers.

One of the features that users will appreciate the most is SmartPlay, an interactive component that unblocks over 150 streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. It does this by getting around geo-restrictions that may hinder other VPNs. Nord also recently added Wi-Fi Sec that allows a user to find a connection regardless of where they are located automatically. Wi-Fi Sec can connect the Mac OS device on secured and unsecured networks. It also provides the highest security while connected.

Features Include:

  • OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2PT
  • Proxy servers
  • Auto-kill switch
  • Over 5,000 servers in over 60 countries
  • Available in China and the Middle East
  • Impressive high speed
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Nord VPN is committed to developing security and privacy solutions that help millions of users around the world. They are consistently ranked at the top of critics’ lists for providing a premier product and backing it up with superior customer service.

5: PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a Sweden-based VPN provider that offers a generous VPN package. Users can access the service from up to six devices at the same time. This makes it convenient since the service is available in over 56 countries. PrivateVPN claims that it keeps no logs and provides premier privacy. Subscribers can enjoy the uninterrupted online activity that is untraceable from hackers, ISPs, and government agencies.

PrivateVPN offers fast connections speeds, so it is perfect for uploading and downloading files, as well as streaming. Users can unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer as well as other popular streaming services. Users who access torrents can do so easily thanks to Private VPN’s strong encryption.

Subscribers can benefit from free dedicated IP addresses with every connection. Private VPN uses OpenVPN TUN+UDP+1194. The Mac client is similar to other versions. It uses a secure Open VPN protocol combined with AES/GCM for data cipher.

Features Include:

  • Unlocks geo-restricted media
  • Maximum speed for browsing
  • Easy setup for all Mac devices
  • HD streaming and file downloading
  • 100+ servers in 60+ countries
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 2048-bit encryption with AES-256
  • IPv6 leak detection

Mac users are in good hands with these reliable VPNs. Providers offer a wide range of products and features for all iOS and Mac devices across all platforms. Users should never assume that their Mac is protected just because it is a Mac. A VPN provides a comprehensive protection package that keeps users’ activity and identity private.

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How to Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac, MacBook, iMac, MacMini: MacOS Mojave & Earlier Sat, 22 Dec 2018 12:45:26 +0000 Apart from Safari, the most popular and widely used browser is Google Chrome for macOS people. But sometimes Google Chrome irritates its users by keeping crashing, won’t start and by freezing. In such moments users only think to permanently remove that app from the Mac and some opt to reinstall the Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, if you are a victim of such cases, then you might also need to remove its related files to install the Google Chrome freshly. Without wasting time understand the procedure to remove Google Chrome entirely and get rid of errors.

This process is same for all Mac OS X Versions: MacOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, MacOS EI Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite and all on any Mac Device.

Here’s how to delete Google Chrome from All Mac: MacOS Mojave or Earlier

Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac
Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac

Step #1: Turn on the Mac.

Step #2: Right-click on the “Google Chrome” icon, which is at the dock of the screen.

Step #3: Select “Quit”.

Step #4: Launch “Finder”.

Step #5: Now visit the folder in which Google Chrome application is stored.

Quite Google Chrome App on Mac from Background
Quite Google Chrome App on Mac from Background

NOTE: It is possible that Google Chrome is located in the Application folder. Else go to “File” and select “Find”. From there search, Google Chrome.

Google Chrome app move in to Trash on Mac
Google Chrome app move in to Trash on Mac

Step #6: Drag the “Google Chrome” application into the “Trash”, which is on the Home Screen of the Mac.

That’s it! Isn’t it a very simple process to delete Google Chrome on Mac.

This is for Force Remove App with Data if you Failed

However, doing this will not remove the data and documents related to Google Chrome like bookmarks, information, and history. So if you wish to clear out more data and free up some precious space in your Mac, then I would suggest you to delete the data. It will take less than 2 minutes to delete.

Step #1: Open “Finder”.

Step #2: Click on “Go” and select “Go to Folder”.

Step #3: Enter the following command,

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

Step #4: Click “Go”.

Step #5: Lastly, select all the files and folders and move them to the “Trash”.

Share your Feedback and Suggestion how to feel after Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac, I think this process is really helpful for me all the time. becuase I don’t like scare files that saved from the web to my Mac. That Slow down my Browsing speed on Google Chrome.

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How to Find the Right NAS for Your Business in 2019: Invest Money in Right Way Mon, 10 Dec 2018 05:52:12 +0000 Find the Best of the year NAS for business, Personal use in 2019 and use with Apple Mac, Windows System, Smartphone and Cloud sync as well. One of the greatest ongoing challenges shared by businesses of all sizes is storage. No matter the size of your company, having the right storage solution is a critical IT decision that can affect daily operations and create frustrating slowdowns.

Check the Resource Below and Pick right for you!

This article is written by: By Tiffany Bloomer, President of Aventis Systems

Businesses today generate an incredible amount of data, and being able to store, manage and retrieve it easily becomes a major consideration. As your company grows and your needs change, more storage will be needed, so what’s adequate today might not be nearly enough a year or two from now.

One of the easiest solutions to this issue is a network-attached storage device, or NAS, that allows for high-capacity storage. NAS devices are designed to attach to cloud storage as well as to your local area network, creating a sort of hybrid of cloud storage and an external hard drive.

While a NAS has the features of physical storage, it also offers the ability for multiple users and devices to access it simultaneously. This allows you to connect all of your company devices, regardless of where they are located, and allows them to share information.

A NAS device also allows you to manage your data without the cost or privacy concerns that may be associated with cloud storage. And, when it comes to securing backups, NAS provides automatic backups and can be configured to support Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), which is two or more hard drives that store data concurrently on all of the drives so there’s a backup of data in case one of the hard drives fail.

While many businesses see NAS as the best option for their operations, finding the best device can prove a bit more difficult. Before selecting one, it’s important to identify what your business needs are, what features are important to your individual environment and how these needs may change in the future.

Different Size Companies = Different Size Needs

What a small to medium-sized business looks for in NAS can be different than what a large enterprise needs. While the right NAS can serve the enterprise well, many have limitations that make them less obvious choices for that environment. At the same time, smaller operations may not need to have the same kind of expansion capabilities as a larger business, and a NAS is often the perfect solution.

Identifying the specific needs of your company can keep you from spending too much money on a device that offers more than you need, or investing in equipment that doesn’t meet all of your needs.

Here’s a look at what both small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises should take into consideration when choosing a NAS.

Small Business, Big Data

Small to medium-sized businesses have many feature-rich NAS devices to choose from. It’s important to do your research to learn what operating system features, security safeguards and hardware specifications are unique to each option you’re considering.

Even if you don’t have the benefit of a large IT division, you’ll find setup is simple, as most NAS devices use a web-based interface that makes it easy to set it up and access.

Beyond that, here are four things to look for when choosing the right NAS for your SMB:

No. 1: Capacity

The amount of storage capacity you’re going to have is going to depend on several factors, not just what you need today. Consider future expansion and how many hard drives you’re going to add to your NAS. And, if you’re using the RAID configuration, keep in mind that it will affect how much space is available.

No. 2: Security

Of course, keeping your data secure is always a concern, so your NAS should allow system-level encryption, file-level encryption and data access monitoring. It’s advisable to make sure that the device supports any services you use for secure managed file transfer.

No. 3: Power Consumption

Your NAS is going to run around the clock, so you want to make sure you have a device that will keep energy costs in check. Look for an option that idles at about 75 watts and runs normally at around 100 watts, and you’ll have a NAS that is powerful enough to get the job done without juicing up your electric bill.

No. 4: Speed

Rapid transfer of data is necessary in today’s world, so check the read speed of each NAS device to make sure it’s operating at around 100 megabits per second. Some models offer a turbo speed of as much as 120 Mbps, but it should always be above 80 Mbps.

Enterprise Options

Some of the same concerns apply for larger enterprises, but two of the main things you’ll want to consider are scalability and manageability.

Making sure that your option is scalable is as crucial as buying enough storage to begin with. As your storage needs expand and you find the need to add new drives, it’s going to be imperative that you’re able to insert and remove drives as needed.

And, as those storage options reach their limits, you’ll be adding more devices and will need a software management solution that allows you to keep track of all your data in a painless, effective way. Look closely at the software options for managing your data to make sure it’s something that you’re satisfied with before you buy.

NAS devices deliver a number of benefits to users, starting with increased storage space, private cloud storage and automatic backups. As far as storage goes, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up, so when you’re considering your options for additional storage, move an NAS device to the top of your list.

Regardless of the size of your business, or even if you’re looking for improved personal storage options, there are NAS devices to fit virtually every environment and provide the kind of secure, accessible storage that today’s business world demands.

Give us a credit by commenting on us! How you feel and helpful this article to find the best NAS for Mac. Also, Share and like us on social to get a more powerful guide and Expert tips like this in free that you nitrified first.

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Designevo Reviews: Best Logo Maker apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad Wed, 21 Nov 2018 07:40:26 +0000 Be an Expert in Logo designing, Designevo is a great platform for the Designer. Millions of People around the world are working and connected with Designevo Logo maker platform via Online, on Desktop (MAC or Windows PC Coming soon) and iOS Device/ Android Device. Here I discussed all the things that we can do and it’s beyond the think of designer, that’s we can do in a few minutes. Rich pre-ready templates on popular categories like technology, Education, Real estate, Beauty, Fashion, Restaurant and more.

To get DesignEvo Premium features, Purchase anyone from (Basic & Plus) plan or Get Started from Free as well.

DesignEvo Reviews and Offer Deals image
DesignEvo Reviews and Offer Deals image

Coupon Code for DesignEvo: Black Friday 2018 and Other Days

For Howtoisolve reader:

Here is the coupon code”HOWTOISOLVE ” for you to access the premium packages of DesignEvo. Once you download your logo, just choose the premium package and input this code after clicking “Have a coupon?”

Here is the 40% off coupon code for your readers: HOWTOISOLVE. This discount for Black Friday will be valid till Nov. 26.

Sign Up Now after download App or Software from Given Below sources,

Premium Features and How to use Guide for Create Logo on Designevo

Create your Account and Work from anywhere, because you’re Left work you can begin from any device. Simply download and install app or Software on your Device, Start Work anytime from anywhere.

One Time purchase you can access your account for the lifetime with new Templates and Guide. There video tutorial and General guide to accessing all the tools, Fonts, Decorations, Line, Solid Shape, Colors. Editable Graphics and Quick Look Preview is amazing that enhance your Work and Built a relationship with your client before submitting your job at business use.

iOS App: Download Now (iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 11, iOS 12 or Later)

Android App: Download Now

Mac or Windows: Get Software (MacOS Mojave, EI Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite, Sierre, High Sierra and Windows 7 and later all)

Online Webpage: Access it here

DesignEvo Reviews and Offer Deals
DesignEvo Reviews and Offer Deals

From any Device Screen (You Can Access or Browser 3500+ professionally updated Templates that’s Available in different categories for a lifetime).

Popular Categories for Create logo from DesignEvo
Popular Categories for Create logo from DesignEvo

The premium plan covers no Watermarks, No Restriction to use and Simple Registration. Amazing Perfection that matches with your brand in few steps. It doesn’t matter your past logo making experience, just create a logo that you like.

  • Large Database
  • 100+ text fonts

Powerful online Editing tools – Symbols, Banners, Outlined Shape, Solid Shape, Line, Decoration and more: Advantage is the create logo on low hardware configuration device.

HD Optimized logo that best suited to Site speed or app. Preview before download, and Download file in .zip format that we can share with others securely. Zip file contains .png and .jpeg logo. No Hassle of converting into other format and lost the quality.

Share your experience with us on comment: How much helped Designevo designing tools for a logo? Get more product review in Each Category; Follow us on a social page to get a new update in a notification.

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Safari Not Loading images on Mac/MacBook: MacOS Mojave, EI Capitan & Earlier Tue, 30 Oct 2018 08:03:58 +0000 Safaris one of the trusted Browser for the Mac users who are using for safe browsing, online payment, Apple pay support and more anytime. But some users are concerned with the image are not loading or showing on a webpage for any reason that we examine here and try to help fix according to your problems. Cool down the problem is not big, but you can carefully fix the issues for the image on safari webpage if you follow this tutorial and find out the problems after understanding what you need to do?. exact problem persists on iPhone Safari not showing image guide is here.

Below post work for Mac OS X, Mac OS Mojave, EI Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite or Earlier running on iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro/ Air.

Examine:- (Internet, Website issues, Tech error, Mac Problems etc.)

You must check this website ( or before you follow the procedure for image loading problem. Sometimes some DNS propagation error can conflict with your local internet service provider. So you are unable to fetch some JavaScript file or image file that run mostly on CDN (Content Delivery networks) in nowadays.

safari on mac not showing image

Troubleshooting steps for Safari not showing images on webpage or Safari web browser

Step 1: open Safari on your mac, go to the preferences at top Safari Manu.

Safari Preferences on Mac

Now click on the advanced tab at last in settings popup. Find out last option is so development mode in the menu bar.

enable Develop option on safari menu on Mac

Once you enable development in safari you can check out the custom development settings, see the picture below.

Safari Developer mode on Mac

Here is the settings for related to image problem,

  • Empty Caches: it is necessary to clear out some fluctuation and software problems, click on this to clear all the Caches that saved for Safari web browsing experience.
  • Disable images and disable styles and disable JavaScript: This three options should not be selected or clicked. If it’s clicked and turn on that means you can’t find the image on the webpage, and layout of the web design.

Step 2: Manually remove cookies and other data from Safari Browser

Open the Safari on Mac, net click on the preferences.

Now you will see the privacy tab on the Safari option popup.

Find out the Manage Website Data button that helps to clear out hundreds and thousands of website data like cookies and more.

clear safari cache and data on Mac

Click on the Manage Data button > and go with the remove all option.

clear safari cache on Mac

Step 3: remove safari cache data from your Mac folder

Open finder in Mac. On finder menu, go to the go> go to Folder.

Now paste below path to quickly open the Safari cache folder.


Clear all Safari Data using Command folder

Now tap on the go button, here you will see too many files and folders get you soon move into the trash. Select all and right click to trash option.

List of Cache folder for Safari

This is a factory setting option to clear out Safari data (Permanent data for a limited time).

Once you perform this step, restart your machine to get fresh result let you done.

Step 4: update Safari browser to the latest version if not up to date

Some outdated OS and browser might be not compatible with the present Technology. so you should update or download the latest version of Safari on your Mac or PC.

Hope you guys I like my tapes and helpful to you. So don’t miss to subscribe or follow me on social: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Insta. so we can deliver Apple Mac tips and tricks daily and stay connected with us.

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