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How to Show or Hide Recent Apps from Dock in macOS Mojave

1 Hide Recent apps from dock on MacOS Mojave

Carefully read this hidden features, If you loved to manage the apps and folders on the Mac and want to prevent the desktop from cluttering than this tutorial is beneficial for you. I hope you know about Stacks and how to use stacks in macOS Mojave, which is used to arrange the folders and files

How to Share iCloud Photo Album With Anyone, Android or Mac/PC

4 Shared photo album on iPhone, iPad and mac

Now in iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave, Share a photo from the iCloud account using a public link. So the thing is, you can share your iCloud albums with anyone. “iCloud photo sharing android”, “Share iPhone photo with Android Friends”, “iCloud Photo on android”. It doesn’t matter the receiver is using iPhone or not, yes

How to Reset Bluetooth Hardware Module on macOS Catalina, MacOS Mojave

checked box Show Bluetooth in menu bar macOS 10.12

Nowadays, Bluetooth is the heart of every computer and laptop. Like the most common uses of Bluetooth in Mac are connecting wireless keyboards, mouse, speakers, trackpads and other devices. However, at some point, it can create difficulties in connecting Bluetooth devices. Usually Bluetooth not working occurs when you update the macOS to the newest version