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Apple’s Foldable iPhone 2020-2019, Final Design and Concept from Rumors

Foldable iPhone 2020 Unboxing

According to recent rumors, Apple has also published the patent for the foldable phone. The patent describes how Apple’s foldable phone will works, its safety, flexibility, features and much more. However, the patent is not necessarily perfect; they vary and so the design of device changes. As per Apple’s designed you can use that foldable

How AR and VR will change the face of business Arena

Conferences and business events Ar and VR

Though virtual and augmented realities are not yet in the hand of everyday consumers, some people overhype them and similarly, some underestimate them drastically. Both the technologies have only given end and enterprise users the glimpse of what real-world usefulness can be expected off these. But we can already see major VR devices such as

MacOS Mojave Release Date: Fall – 10.14 – 2019

1 MacOS Mojave release date in Fall (1)

Here’s the expected MacOS Mojave Release Date of fall that alerting you to be ready and prepare your Mac for installing New MacOS Mojave on all MacOS Mojave Compatible Macs only. There are pretty cool and awesome features now available on Mac System like Dark mode, Continuity in Camera (Between Mac and iPhone), Dynamic Display Wallpaper,