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OS X EI Capitan

This is New OS X developed after yosemite for iMac, MacBook, MacMini by apple.

How to Flush DNS Cache in MacOS Mojave, High Sierra, EI Capitan

reset flush dns on mac os x 10.11

Most useful way if you’re a network administrator, Server administrator or web developer. And you’re working with Mac OS X machine likely MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or Mac Mini. Furthermore, each version of Mac OS X has different- different command to reset DNS cache. So you should use exact command according to your system

System requirements for OS X EI Capitan: Compatible device

System requirements for OS X EI Capitan on Mac, iMac, MacBook

Apple developed stunning OS X for your Mac, High performance with Speed to access app, Launch App, Gaming and more. So you need relevant hardware that should be compatible with existing/ Old Mac devices (MacBook Pro/ Retina, iMac, MacMini). here you can get the perfect guide and way to check your Mac’s system configuration and System