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The main aim of WatchOS 4 is to do all your functions which are done by your iOS Devices. Other than this it has some of the most useful and daily helpful features are like: 

1 WatchOS 4 Features

1: CALLING, One can connect you’re your WatchOS 4 with your iPhone so that whenever you want to contact anyone you can easily do. It also carries the function of calling with features like ADD CALL, HOLD, LOUDSPEAKER and lot more.

2. MESSAGING, Come up with the text which is the basic requirement in any kind of fields WatchOS4  helps you with all these works. By contacting your iPhone with this gadget, you can manage all your important task complete even when your mobile is not with you. All this will help you in maintaining all your relations on time. 

3. ACTIVITY, The newest feature of the WatchOS 4 is that you can plan all your schedule in a systematic manner so that you can compete and can achieve all that goals. From the morning it notifies you about the goals. So that it daily inspires you in doing the goals you prepared for the day. The whole day activity records in your WatchOS 4 that finally competes with the morning goal you prepared. If there is something left out, then it will give you an inspiration of doing that and to achieve your daily. Then it has again the inspiring victory screen displays that inspire you in your future progress.

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4. ALARMS: Just like our mobiles, it has this feature of setting alarms to make sure about you be on time and did not miss anything.

5. WORKOUTS: The next amazing feature takes care of your health. It precisely works on your entire health program and helps in maintaining and achieving all that goals. All the kind of workouts no matter its about on field, gym, swim or any other. The tracker maintains all your records compete with the time limits too. Using the workouts your gadget immediately moves to the DO NOT DISTURB options so no msgs or calls or anyther can interrupt your time. The heart rate and blood pressure of the individual help in the calculations of the kind of workout one individual needed. So basically one can achieve all kinds of the workout options which are available in it, and it can be used in performing the type of you which you want to see yourself. By syncing with all your gym equipment, you can track all your records of calories you burn. The enhanced swim tracker helps in judging your laps completed with time taken. So the number of calories you burn they all are recorded.

6. MUSIC: Everyone has a different taste in music. So after a hard day full of tensions APPLE knows your mood and gives you motivational numbers of songs on your wrist so you can enjoy it anytime you want. The innumerable songs help you to keep alive in every worst condition and you can again go back to your state after such a great refreshment.

7. ALL-DAY ASSISTANT: So all day requirements such as about the time, the weather or sunrise, sunset or your nearby locations conditions or your next program schedule is displays whenever is needed as a notification. So what you want and when you want Siri knows it and you will be had to go and find out these substances.

8. THE EYECATCHER WATCH FACES: Another a fantastic thing inbuilt is that it has great watch faces having numbers of themes and color available which you can change according to your mood and your like. This definitely can attract anyone who is just asking you about the time. The static image is transferred into the moving one, and that keeps on changing throughout the day.

Other than that it has APPLE –PAY-CASH, NEWS APP and the lot more to go with. This all will prove as the smartest watch ever.

Handoff Not Working on iOS 12/ iOS 11, Mojave, high Sierra, WatchOS Tue, 08 Aug 2017 12:06:56 +0000 Sometimes miss configuration in handoff setup tend to give unable to use handoff between Apple devices. So we need to learn first how to Set of handoff on iPhone iPad iPod Touch apple watch and Mac devices. Also prerequisite conditions for handoff. Recently IOS and Mac OS users reported handoff features suddenly disabled or Handoff not working on iOS 11/ iOS 12 correctly after update.

Handoff is one of the most important time management continuity feature that works Between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple Watch.

New in iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave now we can use Continuity feature, Use your iPhone Camera for add picture or Document in the document on Mac. This is the quick and Easy way to insert or Edit your Document using iOS 12 continuity camera. Steps are, Open Page, Keynote on your Mac Mojave > Go to “Edit from top Mac Menu” > “Insert From iPhone” > “Take photo” or “Scan Documents“. Check in details, How to use Continuity Camera or How to Scan Document using Continuity Camera.

Fixes to consider Handoff continuity not working on iPhone, iPad, Mac, apple watch

11 HandOff Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone iPad MacOS High Sierra

follow the below prerequisite conditions for use Handoff on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

1.0 Continuity camera for Taking Photo or Scan Document not working

Continuity camera use Handoff between your Apple devices that using your iCloud Account. Follow this tutorial and repair connectivity issues on behalf of Continuity feature in iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave.

Mac Continuity Stopped Working, one of the primary reason is Handoff is turned off in one of these devices.

Continuity required latest iOS version – iOS 12 and Mojave on your iPhone and Mac.

1. Disable/ Enable Handoff – iPhone, iPad, Mac, apple watch

Turn on iPhone handoff Settings

  1. Go to the settings app

  1. Next Tap on general >  Handoff and enable handoff toggle

Setup handoff On Mac go to the “Apple menu” > “system preference

Enable handoff option for “allow handoff between this Mac and your iCloud iDevice.”

2. Restart devices

Might be you need to restart or reboot devices. The steps reconfigure your call settings and refix all the connections between your devices and set up.

After the restart, the specific device checks it individually handoff is enabled on not using above steps.

3. Sign in with same Apple ID

Sign out and sign in Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

You know handoff work for the continuity that means we need perfect security and privacy for all types of work that you want to transfer another device like use logged in account on a banking website, eCommerce website and personal information as well.

So Apple uses common iCloud account between all device within that we are using Handoff between them.  If Apple ID is not signed incorrectly or successfully send Handoff should not work.  Double check you are correct Apple ID or sign out and sign in manually on each device.

On iPhone:  go to the settings app Tap on Profile name >  scroll down To the last tap on the sign-out.

On Mac: Go to the System Preference >  see the iCloud.

1 Sign out Apple ID on Mac for Airdrop not Working

Click on sign out button option.

4. Bluetooth not working

Bluetooth should turn on while we use and of for all the devices. Unfortunately, Bluetooth won’t turn on automatically Handoff from settings app on iPhone or iPad,  like AirDrop.

You must check BlueTooth icon is showing in iPhone iPad status bar on Mac top menu bar.

Enable Bluetooth from settings app or control center in iOS 11/ iOS 12

8 Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iPhone from Control center in iOS 11

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5. HanfOff compatible devices and operating system,

iOS 8 or later

  • iPhone 5 or newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad Air or newer
  • iPad mini or newer
  • iPod touch (5th generation) or newer

OS X Yosemite or later

  • MacBook (Early 2015 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (2012 or newer)
  • Mac mini (2012 or newer)
  • iMac (2012 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Late 2013)

6. Enable WiFi for HandOff

And All handoff devices required same WiFi network as well. Enable WiFi from the Control Centre or the settings app.

[WiFi is the issue: WiFi Not Working in iOS]

Note: handoff will not support between apple watch and Mac devices. So we can use and of only between apple watch and iPhone, iPad.

7. Handoff Not Working Between iPhone and Apple Watch

After Updating Apple Watch with new WatchOS 4 (WatchOS 4.1)- WatchOS 5, Make sure HandOff enable on iPhone watch app.

For Apple watch, See in iPhone:  go to Apple watch apps on iPhone tap on general and Enable handoff for Apple watch

Must know: Handoff Only Work with your Apple Watch Only, Because apple Watch finally add in your iCloud account once you pair with your iPhone.

1 Enable Handoff on Apple Watch

8. List of apps that work with HandOff on iPhone iPad and Mac

Messages, Reminders, Calendars, Contacts, Numbers, Pages, Keynotes, Maps, Mail, Safari and Third Party applications as well

On Mac see the app icon on Dock, Launch It by click on it that you are using continue to work from your iOS device.

10 HandOff App Access on Mac Dock in High Sierra

On iOS device, HandOff application is Accessible on multitasking screen or a lock screen. If you are not on a lock screen, there is an alternate option we can try to use handoff on iOS devices.

9 HandOff Access on iPhone lock screen or Multitasking screen

9. Handoff use for text message forwarding

To use this features we need to enable text message forwarding from iPhone settings.

Go to the settings app on your iPhone iPad >  messages.

  1. Enable send and receive toggle
  2. Enable text message forwarding toggle

Text message forwarding won’t send to the Mac, disable/enable iMessage from iPhone settings.

Device sign in with the same Apple ID

Verify Apple ID In your Mac,  launch message app on Mac. From the top menu Messages >  references.

Click on the accounts, select your a message account and verify your Apple ID data using your iOS device as well.

If your iMessage is turn on for your phone number, You should check the phone number on your Mac settings in place of Apple ID.

10. Reset All Settings

This option is not lost your essential Data, Media files and App documents and Data. This will erase or reset all the settings and return to New setup screen after restart iPhone or iPad.

Go to the Settings > General.

6 Reset iPhone settings


Reset > Reset All Settings.

7 Reset All Settings on iPhone

Forgot all the Saved Wi-Fi Passwords, Personal Hotspot, Apple ID sign-in and more.

11. Check for updates iOS, MacOS and WatchOS 4/5

Auto fixes all the problems by downloading and installing new updates on iOS and MacOS.

Check-in iOS: Go to the Settings > General > Software Update

Check-in MacOS: Open App store app > Updates in Tab > Download Update and install.

WatchOS Update in Apple Watch: WatchOS 4.1 (Keep apple watch on Charging) Next Go to Watch App in iPhone > My Watch Tab > General > Software Update. It will take several minutes. (Unable to Download and install WatchOS 4 on Apple Watch)

Install Fresh iOS using Clean install, Before factory reset backup iPhone and Get default settings like new iPhone or iPad.

12. Go to the Apple Support:

Get online help from apple help desk, or Go to the nearest Apple Support center for Genius support.

Quick Links: iPhone Repair Service Near Me!

Also Keep Both Devices near to each Other Otherwise it will not responding or take the time to show up on Dock.

Above all are the essential tips fix Handoff not working in iOS 11 after the update or use/ setup with a New apple device.

How to Turn off Detect Gym Equipment on Apple Watch Tue, 08 Aug 2017 12:06:14 +0000 The Apple Watch becomes smarter than ever before; here I’m primarily talking about the WorkOut app feature. Apple added an excellent toggle to Sync/ detect Gym equipment with Apple Watch.  It keeps important metrics like heart rate, Speed, and Calories completely in Sync. Still just seven brands Gym equipment Compatible with an Apple Watch including Technogym, Matrix, LifeFitness, Cybex, Startac, Stair Master, and Schwinn.

By default Detect Gym Equipment in latest WatchOS is to be turned on. Cause the brand’s aim is to quickly connect and Start Workout by holding Apple Watch near compatible gym equipment.

It kills Apple Watch battery drain fast . this is a big issue for all. So if you don’t need to auto sync your Apple Watch with a exercisers tool, then you should disable Detect fitness Equipment.

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Steps to Turn Off/Detect Gym Equipment on Apple Watch series 4, 3 and Apple Watch 2

Step #1. Open the Watch App on your iPhone.

Tap on Watch App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap My Watch Tab.

Step #3. Next Up, scroll down the screen to Workout Section.

Step #4. Now turn toggle Detect Gym Equipment Off.

Disable turn off Detect Gym Equipment in watchOS 4 Apple Watch 2 series 3

You’re done!

Now, your iWatch won’t connect automatically to fitness equipment. Cause white toggle makes feature off. For workout’s heavy users the function saves time because of sync data quickly without hassle.

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Enable- Turn On Detect Gym Equipment on Apple Watch

Step #1. Launch the Watch App from your iPhone home screen.

Step #2. Hit My Watch Tab.

Step #3. Now scroll down the screen to Workout Section.

Step #4. Now turn toggle Detect Gym Equipment Off appear below the running Auto Pause.

That’s it!

Double fingers! Enjoy guy this modern watchOS four feature during Gym time when you are nearby to conventional Fitness equipment.

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