How do i Change Apple Watch Passcode: 2 Easy Ways Must Use

3 Change Apple Watch Passcode

The strong passcode for Apple Watch is sometimes a big doubt on the internet, so people forgot Apple Watch Passcode after a long time to use. Two useful ways for Change Apple Watch Passcode here I am discussing for WatchOS on Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4, Series 5. Normally apple asks passcode for the security reason, But Apple set amazing function with apple watch. Watch is on your hand then you don’t need any passcode or pin to log in or use apple watch settings and features.

This tips running on Apple Watch All Edition running on most of watchOS, for example, WatchOS 5, watchOS 6, or later.

Wrist Detection: This is useful features, Enable it for need passcode only for

Find the Points below,

Steps for Reset or Change Apple Watch Passcode: Also Fix for Forgot apple watch Passcode

3 Change Apple Watch Passcode

Method 1:

1: Go to the Settings app on Apple Watch.

2: In the Settings app, Scroll down to Passcode and tap on it.

3: Next, See the Reset [Scroll down to the last option]

1 Change Apple Watch Passcode from watch (1)

4: Here are the two options for the passcode: Turn Passcode Off and Change Passcode

Change Passcode:

  • Enter Existing Passcode to verify
  • Enter New Passcode two times for the verify

Once you are done, you are okay with new Passcode check it manually. Remove apple watch from the wrist and try to access your watch with a new password.

Troubleshooting: Apple Watch Passcode Won’t change or Fail in Change

What If I forgot apple watch OLD Passcode and unable to Change or set new Passcode?

1: Reset Apple Watch: Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings

To reset Apple Watch from iPhone we need apple ID but doesn’t need Apple Watch Passcode. Reset apple watch Without Apple ID  is not possible. This finds my apple watch or Activation lock for Apple Watch.

Go to the Watch App on iPhone > My Watch > General > Reset > Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.

2 Erase All apple watch content and settings from iPhone


You can also reset or Erase apple watch Without iPhone.

Enter the Apple ID password.

This process takes some minutes. Wait until your apple watch says to keep your iPhone near to apple watch.

2: Now, Pair apple watch Again. Open Watch app on iPhone.

  • Pair apple watch button on iPhone watch app.
  • Hold Apple Watch up to the camera > after scan successfully you have two option below.
  • Restore from Backup [Restore Apple Watch]
  • Set up as New Apple Watch
  • On your iPhone Watch App, See last backup: Select Backup > Agree > Ok
  • Enter Passcode two times

1 Reset and Create a new Passcode for apple wath using iPhone

That’s it. You get back all data on your Apple Watch without data loss, and Password changed.

Hope you learn how to Change Apple Watch Passcode, Apple Watch Won’t change the password because a current password is not remembered.

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