How to Change Voice Search Language in Google Maps on iPhone, iPad

Google Map voice search on iPhone or iPad

Google map widely used by millions of people worldwide, because it’s straightforward to use and accurate guide from any corner of the world. And Google tries to improve by giving verity of the facility to end users. Also best for other third-party app developers because use data in free from Google Map open source API is accessible to integrate on iOS and Android applications. Google Map is #1 Navigation & Transit apps in the iOS app store; it’s hence that we can find estimate time of the whole journey exactly, depends on your moving conditions.

Are you trouble to find this option and other difficulties on Google Map app not working correctly, Make sure Google Map installed with the latest version?

Once you set up this option in Google map app settings, then launch app say destination address in your language, by a tap on microphone icon at the top near to the search box. Useful for iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, iPhone X, and earlier Phone.

Guide to change iOS Google Navigation voice language accent, Easy to find the location on Map

Change google map voice search language on iPhone or iPad

1: Open Google Map on iPhone, iPad.

2: Tap on “Three horizontal line” icon at top search box.

Google Map settings on iPhone and iPad

3: Now, See the settings pane, and Tap on Settings.

4: Find Voice Search. Inside this option, see the list of all popular language.

find option for change voice language

Choose your language from the default (English).

Choose language for find place on google map

Now, whenever you search or see other location from your, tap on “Blue direction round icon.”

Tap inside the box, Choose a destination. Then Tap on the microphone icon and speak destination address. Google map search automatically find relevant address locations that you are observing.

Change Sound level

Go To App Settings > Navigation Settings > Guidance Volume (Softer, Normal, Louder)

Tap on your destination address, That’s it you can see the complete path on Google map.

Enjoy your ride, doesn’t matter what your language is.

Change or set default English language, Repeat above steps given above.

Popular languages (Denmark, Britain, India, France, Italia, Brazil, Chinese, and other 50+) that support google map voice search.

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