How to Change iPhone Mail App Fetch Time for New Mail Data: Fetch Settings

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Endless customizations are especially for iOS Mail app users on iPhone/ iPad have a good option. New Mail coming to your added mail account is very important just like surprise a big gift receives from your Friends. Here you can learn the same thing posted in my last article for Mac, Change new mail Fetch time on Mac. Apple is also recommended this option to fixed the battery life diagnosis problem. So we can make the Mail app ideal for the time interval that we choose here under the setting app. Change iPhone mail app fetches Time or Push Time really impressive to all who want instant mail automatically on anyhow.

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This option generally works on iCloud and other mail accounts as well. It’s hence that iCloud mail server support Push mail option and the others have not. It’s pointed with Fetch status, that we can set our own self by the interval specified under the setting. See my iPhone screen, I added other Three mail account apart from iCloud. Also, note that iCloud in on Push status but others are not.

Steps for Change iPhone Mail App Fetch Time: Automatically Receive New Mail

Is Push or Fetch Faster in Mail Settings in iOS?

There’s a big difference between Push and Fetch, both of them are assigned different tasks.

What does Push Mean?

The Push option is recommended if you can’t wait for the mails to sync within the given time, whenever the Apple server detects any incoming mail pointing to your address, it will directly be delivered into your Mailbox at the same time, therefore, if you’re looking for an answer of, How do I get my emails faster on my iPhone, then select Push.

What does Fetch Mean?

Fetch given you the power to hold the incoming Mails for a certain amount of time, like 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, Hourly, Manually, and Automatically. Depending upon the option you choose, the Mail will be sent to the inbox.

Note: The Push only works with the IMAP Protocols, whereas POP is limited to Fetch.

Conclusion: How do I get my iPhone to receive emails immediately? By opting for Push, the emails will be delivered more often and faster than Fetch.

in iOS 14: How do I change how often email refreshes on iPhone?

For iOS 14 or Later:

The iOS 14’s Settings App has been renowned with some changes including the Mail and Accounts, options. Now, you may face difficulties locating the iOS 14 mail Fetch settings on iPhone, just check the below steps for once and remember it.

  1. Navigate to the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down to the Mail.
  3. Tap Accounts.
  4. Hit Fetch New Data.
  5. Chose between, AutomaticallyManually, Hourly, Every 30 Minutes, and Every 15 Minutes.
  6. Whatever the option you select from them, the iPhone will be fetching the new data in the background, more frequent the iPhone refreshes the Mail app, the more battery will be consumed.

For iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11

This is an essential setting for improving iPhone Battery life because based on this setting your mail app try to fetch new mails in Background.

  1. Launch Settings app on iPhone, iPad
  2. Next, Tap on Accounts & Passwords.1 Account & Settings on iPhone and iPad
  3. Now, Scroll down to the screen and “Fetch New Data2 Fetch New data for mail app in iOS 11
  4. The Last section on the screen is, Fetch

3 Fetch New Data time Frequency on iPhone and iPad

Choose your Mail frequently scheduled. I whole like to recommended Never is the best option that really helps in battery drain problems. For this open mail app, Swipe down finger inside the Mail inbox to get new mails from the Mail server.

For iOS 10 or Earlier,

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone/ iPad.
  2. Next, Tap on Mail.
  3. Then, Tap on Accounts at first on-screen.
  4. Next, Tap on Fetch New Data.

Mail app account setting in iPhone, iPad

Slide more down, there you have to choose Time interval. For that time your iOS device requests a mail server for fetch and display on your device screen within the mail app.

Change iPhone mail app fetch Time for all added account

If you want then we can also set iCloud on Fetch statutes. But doesn’t need it. So the server sends new mail in your iCloud account without the request from the iOS device to the server. Yes, that fine for us and Device as well.

If you don’t agree with fetch new mail in the Mail app manually, then keep it on maximum time interval as of my friendly suggestion. It will increase the battery life and Background process.

Hope you enjoyed and succeed to Change the iPhone mail app fetch Time on iPhone/ iPad running on the latest iOS and iPadOS (Not any changes for all).

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