How to Change iPhone unlocking Passcode: iOS 8, iOS 9

Once created iPhone screen Passcode, you can be change iPhone unlocking Passcode whenever you want. Typically, there are two kinds of iDevice locking System. One is a setup 4-Digit iPhone Passcode to unlock screen as well as second one is a more secure Touch ID Fingerprint. Both to be default disabled but you’ve to need setup it yourself. In iOS 9 you will be getting 6-Digit Passcode for hard security.

And yeah if you setup awkward Passcode and you try to unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by entering six time wrong Passcode in a row. Then you’ll be locked out and a message will say that your device is disabled. Read more about rest forgot Passcode.

So don’t try to enter wrong Passcode but you’ve to require setup easy remember Passcode. So Change your iPhone Passcode and setup as you remind quickly. Know in this post how to change iPhone unlocking Passcode on iOS 8 with step by step (Pictures).

Perquisites: you must be remember iPhone old Passcode before get started Steps.

Five Steps guide to Change iPhone unlocking Passcode: iPad Air, iPad Mini

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone 6/iPad/ iPod Touch

Step 2. Find Touch ID & Passcode, you can see it between Sounds and Privacy

Step 3. It will ask you Enter your Passcode (already exist Passcode), if you forgot the reset it.How to Change iPhone unlocking Passcode

Step 4. Now Scroll down iPhone screen and Tap on Change Passcode

Step 5. So again Enter your iPhone old Passcode and then Enter New one and Re-enter new Passcode.How to Change iPhone 6S, 6S Plus unlocking Passcode: iOS 8, iOS 9

You’re done.

After few seconds you’ll be getting a popup that will ask you Use New Passcode as iCloud Security Code? change iPhone unlocking Passcode, iPad Air/ iPad Mini Screen PasswordThen choose an option as you wish. If you select Use Same code then you must be enter your iCloud Password. That’s it.

Now to verify your iPhone new Passcode then lock your iPhone screen using Sleep/wake button and again tap home button and Enter New Passcode. It would be helpful you to unlock iPhone screen. And now you can be often unlock your iPhone Screen with this new updated Passcode.

Share your advice if you’ve anything else concern to change iPhone unlocking Passcode, iPad Air/ iPad Mini Screen Password.