Change Safari Tab Background Color on iPhone in iOS 15.5, iOS 16: Website Tinting

Last Updated on Sep 7, 2021

This is one of the more advanced and helpful settings for Safari iPhone users. Now, Users can change Safari look that match with visiting a website on Safari Tab or Set default Gray color to all the website by default. That means collapsed Address Bar tab matched with the Website’s header color. and makes batter look like a full screen; otherwise, we can set clutter Collapsed tab with default gray Color.

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The difference is only for look and easy while scrolling webpage and Read content without any cluttering.

Change Website Tinting on iPhone Safari in iOS 15

  1. Open the settings app on iPhone. scroll to the safari
  2. again scroll to the option, Allow Website Tinting.
  3. Turn toggle off to keep Default Color while Scroll down to Browser on Collapse the Address Or
  4. Turn on for Change Safari Address Bar Backgroud color with Website or Theme color.iphone-safari-enabled-website-tilting-on-iphonejpg

See the Look, With tilting and Without tilting.

Bottom Line:-

you have to walk through other safari settings that you missed in a new update but want an old safari design. Share your Opinion and Give best suggestions on why you are switching Tab Color on iPhone safari.

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