Charge battery on your motion in iPhone, iPad using AMPY

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020Now, New technology in the queue are coming in short of time, you can able to charge the battery on your motion in iPhone, iPad on way, on travel and hill station. For that, you don’t need any electricity before or after gone for charge your iOS device. Here is the way of charge battery on your motion as a dream comes true in short of time.

The motto behind this technology is your moment is your power. So just move the device and collect power in battery that plugged on your iPhone and iPad. AMPY device is the pocket device not big and in a weight. Using this device you can charge any smartphone at any time.

Motion types and generated power in the device that you can use to charge AMPY battery charger to iPhone and iPad device.

Just Walk, Cycle and RUN with AMPY device and fill power in that device, given in below image,

Charge battery on your motion in iPhone using body motion

Motion charger for iPhone and iPad

You have not charged AMPY device, just follow the mathematical calculation and charged your iPhone, iPad device at any time.

categorized motion with Power generated for your iPhone and iPad

Power table for AMPY charger

Specification for AMPY: Charge battery on your motion in iPhone, iPad

Useful Accessories kit for comfortable on your body moment

AMPY batter storage as lifestyle product looking you professional, and other kits product

Arm Band: tie with your arm, legs and move your body for workout or gym.

Sleeve: keep always safe using the Quality material sleeve from the atmosphere, dust, and water.

Clip: attach AMPY batter with clip.

best body suitable AMPY kits

If are you finding clean emery source for your iPhone, iPad batter that AMPY is the best product in the store.

AMPY battery app: generate the report on Charge battery on your motion in iPhone used

AMPY also giving apps for daily reports on how much power generated and used in your iOS device – iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • The energy you have generated
  • The number of calories you have burned from your body.

You can generate clear idea with a report in your iPhone, iPad in free.

Apps for battery in iPhone and iPad

AMPY power report apps

  • Share report on Facebook, Twitter.

    Charger for iOS device.

    exercise charger for your iOS device.

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