How to Check Wireless Airpods Battery Status on iPhone, iPad, iPod

You should prefer not wait for low battery alert or notification before considering recharging your Apple Wireless Airpods and Charging case. Apple’s Other bluetooth products including Apple Pencil etc. To continue to listen to Music on your wireless AirPods then you have to charge it time to time before full AirPods battery drain. Here’s I will teach you to check Wireless Airpods battery Status on iPhone, iPod Touch.

There are two ways to check out battery Percentage of Apple Airpods and its Charging case. Let’s get below step by step.

Guide to Check Wireless Airpods Battery Status on iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch

How to Check Wireless Airpods Battery Status on iPhone

In iOS 12, you will get one new option to see AirPods battery percentage. Let’s Check out what place is it where you can get AirPods battery percentage.

Note: You just see battery percentage of AirPods when your Apple wireless earbuds parid to your iPhone or iPad.

Step #1. Open the Control panel on your iPhone.

Step #2. Force Touch on Music card then tap on AirPlay icon.

Step #3. Now you will see AirPods battery percentage under your AirPods Name. Here you can see my Airpods battery Percentage is 45%.

see AirPods battery percentage in iOS 12 control center iphone ipad

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New in iOS 12, Tip to Use Live Listen feature with AirPods 

Step #1. On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Open Airpods charging case lid with earpieces inside and hold your case close to your iOS device.

Step #2. Now here you have to wait a few seconds to see the charge status (battery percentage) of your Apple Wireless Airpods and its Charging case.

I Hope you saw that as you would like.

Another way to view Airpods battery percentage on iPhone, iPad, and iPod that is using iOS battery widgets. Very simple just follow below steps and do your job.

  1. Let’s, do wake up your iPhone screen and swipe to the right side to see the widgets screen.
  2. Scroll down the screen and navigate battery widget.

Please Note: if battery widgets are missing after iOS 10/ iOS 11 upgrade? Then you need to iOS connected to Bluetooth device supported “Battery Service Profile.”

You would like to view Apple Airpods Charging case then At least one Airpod (earpiece) is in the Case.

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How to Check Airpods Battery Percentage on MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

Step #1. Open the Airpods case lid or take your Wireless Airpods out of the case.

Step #2. Click the sound icon in the menu bar.

Step #3. Now Click on My device to look for your Airpods and Charging case.

You’re done!

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