How to Check AirPods Pro Battery Status on iPhone, iPad, Mac

in this blog post, I’ll show you, Way to Check AirPods/AirPods Pro Battery Status on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch, Android Samsung Phone. Apple Airpods Battery Life, You should prefer not to wait for a low battery alert or beep sound notification before considering recharging your Apple Wireless Airpods and Airpods Charging case. Apple’s Other Bluetooth products including Apple Pencil etc. To continue to listen to music on your wireless AirPods then you have to charge it from time to time before full Apple AirPods battery drain. Here’s I will teach you to check Wireless Airpods battery Status on iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac.

There are two ways to check out the battery Percentage of your Apple Airpods and re-chargeable Charging case cover. Let’s get below step by step. We frequently check the Airpods Battery while it’s connected on the iOS device or macOS Monterey or Earlier and Apple Watch watchOS 8 or earlier. Normally Airpods Battery Life for a single Charging cycle is:

  1. First Generation Airpods run Five Hours of listening time and two hours of talk time on one charge, while
  2. The Second-generation AirPods 2 is better, You can get more up to three hours of talk time per-charge. That means Airpods 2 Batter Battery Life.
  3. AirPods pro and Airpods Max (headphones) are premium quality and noise cancellation Apple headphones.
  4. New AirPods 3 gives Up to 6 hours of listening time with a single charge (up to 5 hours with spatial audio enabled) as well as Airpods 3 offers Up to 4 hours of talk time with a single charge

Airpods 3: Airpods 3 has Siri feature, So we can know the battery percentage of your Airpods using Siri command. Just To check the battery, hold the AirPods next to your iPhone or ask Siri “How’s the battery on my AirPods?”. Airpods will answer any time with the exact percentage of battery level. By Apple

Guide to Check Wireless Airpods Battery Life on iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Mac

iOS 15: How to Add Battery Widget for AirPods to the iPhone, iPad Home Screen?

iOS 14 has totally changed the way we were used to arranging the app icons, and widgets. The latest update lets you put the Widgets between the App icons too, so it’s quite easy for us to access the widgets anytime while staying on the Home Screen. Adding a battery widget on the iPhone, iPad is a perfect example of it, the battery widget will show you the battery status of connected devices including AirPods, Apple Watch.

Note – Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro must be paired to view battery percentage in batteries widget on the home screen.

  1. Make sure the iPhone, iPad is updated to the iOS 15/iPadOS 15.
  2. Touch and hold on the anywhere to enable the jiggle mode on the home screen.
  3. On the top-left corner, tap on (+).
Edit iPhone home screen and Add a new widget option on iPhone screen in iOS 14 or later iOS Version
Edit iPhone home screen and Add a new widget option on iPhone screen in iOS 14 or later iOS Version
  • This will take you to the list of the widgets, scroll down to find the Batteries option.
  • To select the size, swipe left/right, and tap Add Widget.
  • Find Battery Widget on iPhone home screen and Add Widget
    Find Battery Widget on iPhone home screen and Add Widget
  • Lastly, tap Done to save the changes.
  • Battery Widget Added to iphone home screen
    Battery Widget Added to iPhone home screen
  • That’s it.
  • Check AirPods/Pro Battery Widget on iPhone’s Today Widget,

    1. Move to Today widget screen, By Swipe left your finger from the iPhone home screen, Now Scroll and Tap on Edit option.
    2. Next, Tap on Plus (+) sign from the top left corner and Select Batteries options.
    Add Battery Widget on iPhone today widget Screen
    Add Battery Widget on iPhone today widget Screen
  • Now, Select Your Widget Size and Style, Then Tap on Add Widgets screen.
  • Add Battery widget and Save
    Add Battery widget and Save
  • Now, Widgets is added and Tap on Done to save.
  • That’s it.
  • How to Check AirPods Battery Percentage Status on Apple Watch

    Apple Watch watchOS 5 and later, before getting started following steps, make sure your Airpods is paired with your Apple Watch

    • Step #1. Unlock Your Apple Watch and go to the home screen.
    • Step #2. Swipe upside to the bottom to launch the Control Center.
    • Step #3 Tap the battery percentage on Apple Watch and then touch & hold on battery percentage that will let you on full-page screen.

    Get a Clear idea on this topic, see our underneath video Guide. Thanks!!

    In iOS 12 and later, you have one new option to see AirPods battery percentage. Let’s Check out what place is it where you can get AirPods battery percentage.

    First Method: View AirPods Battery Percentage on iPhone, iPad, and iPod using Battery Widgets

    Very simple just follow the below steps and do your job.

    • Step #1: Let’s, unlock your iPhone screen and swipe to the right side to see the widgets screen.
    • Step #2: Scroll down the screen and navigate the battery Widget. if Battery Widget Not Showing on iPhone then First Enable the Widget in Edit mode, Follow the below steps,

    Battery Widget not showing Up on Today View So what should I do next or how to add battery widget?

    1. Use gesture right side to the left to get today view screen, next scroll down the bottom side, and tap Edit button that’s why you can able to customize the widget screen.
    2. Now scroll down the screen and tap on (+) Green button next to the battery widget after this tap Done on the above right-top side to save the changes.
    3. So I hope, now you can see the battery widget on the today view list. And now you can check AirPods battery percentage status.

    Second Method: How to Check AirPods Battery while using them with Control Center on iOS Device

    Note: You just see the Battery percentage of AirPods when your Apple wireless earbuds parid to your iPhone or iPad. Rean on Full Guide on Battery Widget Missing on iPhone.

    • Step #1. Open the Control panel on your iPhone.
    1. Special Note: if you have without physical home button iPhone [Face ID smartphone] Please open Control Panel with pull down from the right-top on the corner.
    2. You have iPhone with a physical Home button [Touch ID phone model] then Launch control center by pull up from the bottom of the screen.
    • Step #2. Force Touch on Music Card then tap on the AirPlay icon.
    • Step #3. Now you will see AirPods battery percentage under your AirPods Name. Here you can see my Airpods battery Percentage is 45%.
    see AirPods battery percentage in iOS 12 control center iphone ipad

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    Third Method: Check AirPods Battery Status On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with a Small pop-up of Airpod connect time

    • Step #1. Open Airpods charging case lid with earpieces inside and hold your case close to your iOS device.
    • Step #2. Now here you have to wait a few seconds to see the charge status (battery percentage) of your Apple Wireless Airpods and its Charging case.

    I hope you saw that as you would like.

    Please Note: if battery widgets are missing after the latest iOS upgrade? Then you need to be iOS connected to a Bluetooth device supported “Battery Service Profile.” Get more here – Where is the battery widget on my iOS device?

    →You guys want to check the Apple Airpods Charging case battery then you have At least one Airpod (earpiece) is into the Airpods Case.

    →You may like this post on Best Apple AirPods Alternatives.

    How to Check Airpods Battery Life Percentage on MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro [macOS Catalina & Earlier]

    • Step #1. Open the Airpods case lid or take your Wireless Airpods out of the case.
    • Step #2. Click the Bluetooth in the menu bar. (Airpods’s Battery Not Showing on Mac Menu Bar), Enable Show Bluetooth icon on Mac’s Bluetooth System Preferences.
    • Step #3. Now Click on My device to look for your Airpods and Charging case. here’s the left or Right Airpods battery in Percentage.
    Airpods Battery Status on Mac
    Airpods Battery Status on Mac

    You’re done!

    How to Check AirPods Battery Percentage on Android Phone [Samsung, OnePlus, Google Pixel and Other]

    For Android smartphone users Apple Airpods is the first choice than Samsung beats. The Magic is sound quality and outer look as well as branding. Using this way we can check AirPods Pro Battery Case Percentage on android mobile.
    here’s I have taken an example of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

    • Step #1. Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Screen.
    • Step #2. Navigate and locate for Google Play Store.
    • Step #3. Find Airbattery App [for Airpods 1St Gen] or Find Assistant Trigger [for Airpods 2nd Gen]
    Check AirPods- Pro Battery Percentage on Android
    Check AirPods- Pro Battery Percentage on Android
  • Step #4. Download and install the app and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Step #5. Next, Pair Your Airpods with Samsung galaxy note 10 Phone.
  • Step #6. Open the recently downloaded App (Airbattery, or Assistant Trigger) and check your Airpods information.
  • Get here Complete source to check Airpods 2 battery status on Android Phone

  • How to Check AirPods Battery Status on Windows 10? Is it possible to check AirPods battery percentage on Windows PC?

    Apple Airpods wireless technology is super strong and it does work as a normal Bluetooth headphone when you have no iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    But there is limited functionality for other Bluetooth devices, for example, Airpods offer battery percentage, double-tap, hey Siri feature supported with iPhone and iPad.

    But it is not available with Google smartphone, Samsung, Amazon fire phone, Windows 10 computers, etc. But you can download a third-party app for Android Phones like Airbattery to get the feature for ad-hoc way.

    However, you check other Bluetooth device battery percentages on Windows 10 and I hope it will be available for Apple Airpod in an upcoming feature.
    →Before going next, make sure your Bluetooth device is paired successfully with your Windows 10 or Windows 8/7 Pc or computer. otherwise, the bottom instructions won’t work for you.

    Let’s See, how to check the battery percentage of the Bluetooth mouse, the keyboard on windows 10 pc?

    • Step #1. First of all Open the Settings on Windows 10 PC or laptop.
    • Step #2. Now Click on Devices setting.
    • Step #3. Let’s Click on the Bluetooth & other devices.
    • Step #4. On the screen, Under “Mouse, keyboard, & pen,” I hope, now you’ll see a battery percentage
    • indicator on the right side. Bluetooth battery level status.

    you guys, I hope, your experience this information is enough for you. if you find any mistake on this page then fill-up the form in the given link and share it with us. We will soon try to update. Thank you so much, friend.

    I’m sure that this guide helped you! in case of any trouble getting Airpods battery status on Samsung android phone, without worrying send us an email at we’ll try to help you as possible.

    Does your Airpods battery not charging after tried everything solution? You should contact Apple support for AirPods battery replacement. Click on me to get an Apple document for Airpods battery replacement cost and much more information.

    Please don’t forget to drop your experience with us in the following comment. If you find any issue to view/see Wireless Airpods battery level/ percentage on iPhone, then write to us we will help you asap.

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