CleanMyMac X Review For macOS Ventura & Earlier


Do you need a “Free Mac Cleaner” for all time?, Have you never tried third-party software on Mac? Get rid of slow mac or clean unwanted apps or files & Folders. I am one of them and right now sharing the honest guide on how to fix all the problems in your Mac completely and automatically. Mac Users beware about third-party free software available in-store or software companies named are Mackeeper, Ccleaner, and many others from the wrong experience and problems ahead that saying me on forms or my web. This CleanmyMac X reviews potentially encourage one day. What is best for me and others? As well as for personal or business use.    

I shared my own experience with what I get and lost? After cleaning up my mac with CleanmyMac X software from MacPaw.

From hundreds of app installed on the system hard to remove one by one, Some apps show messages This app can’t be moved to the trash because it’s open or in Use on Mac.


After following a quick installation setup on Mac, Start with a single click on the Scan button available on CleanmyMac X software. And complete all the processes step by step in a short time and make your Mac fully optimized.

Compatible Mac Models:

MacBook Pro, iMac, MacMini, and MacBook Air, running on macOS Sierra or later and Old OS X Versions.

Reviews of CleanMyMac X Review for All Mac users: MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini

Overview of Welcome screen: CleanMyMac X & Buying Guide

Free version or Pro version ($39.95) of CleanMyMac X looks like the screen below, To start scanning various problems that are all the cause of your macOS Poor performance. Once you click on the start button, Software automatically starts scanning for GBs of data saved in the whole mac.


The software tries to find, System junk (Cache file), Photo junk, Mail attachment, iTunes junk, Trash Bin, and Large & Old Files.


Click on Review Details:-

  • System Junk: This check performs and helps to remove the temporary file from the system, Slim application size, and Various errors.
  • Photo Junk: Optimize the whole photo library, That’s affecting the actual photos saved in the picture library.
  • Mail Attachment: Remove locally saved email attachments from Mac without changing your Mail inbox data or

iTunes Junk: Are you using iTunes for Backup iOS devices, Downloads, iOS updates? But we don’t know how many corrupt downloads, Backup, and File stored in the iTunes directory. Clea My Mac X also remove old software updates and backup.


Empty trash, Automatically if you want.


CleanMyMac X, Also scan all the folders in root and list out files in big size.

The next Part is Manage apps with CleanmyMac X

Enlist a full list of the installed app in CleanMyMac software. Choose one or more apps then move to the trash in just one click. I experienced, before few days I deleted the app from my Mac but Some data or files were not deleted. CleanmyMac helps and done your job by removing all.


Some apps we cannot delete because it’s running background. Or Some apps have more components like MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe photo stop (Adobe cloud, Photoshop and more).

Remove Leftover App Data from Mac

If you manually remove an application fie, all of its related items remain on your system.
CleanMyMac allows you to locate and remove these leftovers even / the main app is already


Reindex Spotlight Search, Mail Search: Maintenance

Maintenance is refreshed old indexed data and help out to get a significant result very fast all the time.  



Instantly remove all the browser history only, also sensitive chats data or transcript.


Removes extensions correctly
Allows to remove any of the undesired extensions safely and along with I related items.

Disables extensions on demand
Not only removes extensions completely, but disables them temporarily if needed.


Apple’s New update in macOS explores extension support in Browser & Different foreground or Background services.



This option will make your files and folders unrecoverable for any recovery software or trash bin.

Above are the primary features that users can perform on Mac anytime, But this Mac Cleanup software check system health all the time. As a result, You will get money value satisfaction.

Know up-to-date information about your Mac’s health from CleanMyMac X shortcut icon on the top menu bar.

The bottom line on CleanMyMac X review:

Great support that is always ready to help, Finally you get perfect cleaner, MacKeeper alternatives for Mac. All in one best Mac Cleaner.

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