How do I become a good clubhouse moderator: Clubhouse room recommendations

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How do I become a successful moderator? Clubhouse – the new, live, audio-only social media platform is swiftly turning into one of the biggest and the most loved social media platforms in just a short period. People are clamoring for a way in and be part of that massive buzz. Currently supporting iOS users, everyone expects this invitation-only app to eventually open up its platform for android users and anyone to join.

Whether or not you’ve access to this yet, you can still choose to host a Clubhouse room. Hosting a Clubhouse room is a way to bond with new people while establishing yourself as an expert in your field. The key to a successful Clubhouse room is hosting a great room. Users of the app will be able to search for and find your room. In Clubhouse, you talk with your audience candidly. You can bring together people to co-host with you and create a room on meaningful topics for your ideal clients. Establish a room of credibility, not a room for your sales pitch. Creating meaningful conversations is critical for Clubhouse. So, invite people on stage to pitch their ideas or share their experiences and story to help others grow.

You’ve got the overview. What now? Let’s talk about how you can host these rooms and lead like a boss in detail.

Free Tips for Hosting a Clubhouse Room

What is more Important – Connections or Room Size or Followers! 

Clubhouse creators designed the app with a motive to drive people into creating quality connections. Keep that in mind in everything you do. And, this is probably an essential point when it comes to Clubhouse. The size of the room and the total count of your followers should never be your foremost priority.

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Although the rooms which vast numbers of listeners can be exciting and often feature famous names, it is much harder to get involved, and users are less likely to be engaging with others in these rooms. 

Determine your Way to engage more Audience

There is N number of ways to run your Clubhouse room. How you manage and speak to your participants will drive their experience. To host the best room is to manage your rooms, keeping in mind your personality, the room’s point, and the type of participants you are attracting. Either you run a more fluid room with a broad topic to grow your room quickly, or you can bring speakers up for few minutes for a focused discussion and question-based room to nurture greater engagement and a more intimate feel.

Use a room topic that draws listeners. Decide your way and ensure that you repeat the rules (for instance, tell your audience to eliminate backstory because there is no such need and consumes a significant amount of time). Do this throughout your room to let new listeners know how to engage themselves and get involved in the best way possible.

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Limit the number of Users on Stage

Once you know what you want out of the room, focus on creating the type of room that fits your purpose. It is better to create a mid-sized room with a minimum of 6-12 speakers at a time and get each of them involved. Bring up new speakers and those who have questions to ask.

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Talk to them, take a question from all, and once done, move them back into the audience to make space for others. This way, it will ensure equal participation and quality conversation.

Choose to remove Inactive Users from the Stage

Your focus should be to create meaningful conversations and drive the experience. Not just to grow the following! In larger rooms, where the goal is to grow, the moderators’ following is quite a common practice.

What is generally seen is that they leave speakers on stage for long hours even if they have zero contribution. Having too many inactive users on stage will offer less value to listeners.

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Reset the Room 

Resetting means clarifying the topic and restating the purpose and rules/guidelines of the room. Do take a moment to introduce the host and moderators to new participants in the room to help them catch up on the vibe and energy and get the most out of it. Depending on how large it is, reset your room every 15 to 30 minutes.

Don’t Brag! Share and give Value instead

The Clubhouse app is all about sharing your experience, knowledge, and understanding to help others connect. Don’t be that person who does ‘humble bragging.’ Instead, include it in your bio or perfect your introduction in a way that it takes no more than 10 seconds.

That way, you can let your audience know how you can help them without really stealing the stage and pitching. Speak in a way that builds interest and benefits everyone else.

Form a Team to Help You and Grow your Network

It becomes challenging to host and moderate rooms all at the same time, especially when you’ve started to build a following and host more often. Keeping a queue is essential when you are hosting a fitting room.

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For that matter, you can make sure to connect with people who are experienced moderators to help you out in smooth functioning. This way not only you but all will benefit from working together.

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Keep Track

For better conversation and connections, make notes on those in your room after it ends. This practice will help you grow your room and build quality connections.

You can do it by yourself if your room is of smaller size but for a larger room and good moderators. Jot down points or relevant questions from them if you need to bring them in later.

You might, at times, outshine more than you anticipated. All it takes is for some influential users to notice you, and soon the masses will follow.

The same goes for listeners. You might see an unexpected rise in the total number of listeners and users raising their hands if a listener has many followers to ping.

You might want to ensure that the masses could reach you outside of the app. When this happens, link your IG and Twitter profile so that people can DM you over there.

If you want to appear as a guest, try to get yourself an invite. You’ll enjoy every bit of it once you connect and build some significant connections.

You’ll get to experience some fantastic conversations with people who are experts in their area of interest. What matters is knowledge!

You’ll learn a lot. So, don’t let go of the chance to make contacts with those you may never have otherwise. Just be yourself, and very soon, you will become a massive fan of Clubhouse! Happy hosting!

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