How to Control TV using Apple Watch Remotely

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Now, Using software apple’s wearable device able to work with your TV as remote, Now you can give command trough your wrist from anywhere remotely, Most of the Smart TV now featured with an Apple watch App so you can control the TV using Apple watch remotely. Not a final but such major improvement will be added soon as of developers point views, Till that you can control basic functions through Apple watch for Smart TV. If you experienced with iPhone app, Now ready for Apple watch. Don’t mind I face Some useful apps that will sue your not only smart TV but also other electronic devices at your home or office use. The only app through you can control all smart devices remotely.

Nowadays for Apple Watch, thousands of devices now controlled through Apple Watch here is the list of those device and useful apps for apple watch,

Top Best Watch Apps for Control TV using Apple Watch Remotely and Other Home Devices

Whats you can access remotely, Smart TV, Cables, Receivers, Players, Thermostats, Satellite Boxes, Lights and Bulbs.

#1. Roomie Remote: Device Control App for Apple Watch

Roku App for Apple watch Roomie Remote very useful for Camera, Lighting, TV, and Projector iTunes songs, and more (Thousands of devices)  easily control through this Apple watch remotely. Pro App can be upgraded on a monthly user base. millions of active happy iPhone users using this app.

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Download and Know More about this app.

#2. DirecTV

Before this time DirecTV available for iPhone, iPad only, But now you can control your device remotely through DirecTV watch app. You can stream any Apple TV media on your iPhone remotely through Apple watch, Most of the popular TV shows and channels have been added to DirecTV.control TV using Apple watch remotely access

Get from here

#3. LG, Samsung Smart TV

Top Television banded company also added in Apple Watch technology. LG, Samsung also built apps for its own smart TV, So premium users can control the TV using Apple watch remotely from anywhere.

Not only Smart TV but some Home Security device also controlled through the iPhone app, That you must use for making life easy.

How much excited about this app for control TV using Apple watch remotely, Share if you have experienced personally on the comment box.

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