copy photos from iPhone to Windows PC: Without iTunes

Start import to PC from iOS device

Without iTunes, transfer or copy photos from iPhone to windows PC has been possible in Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows 10, if you haven’t tried before then you didn’t know. But personally I felt wondering when I found that windows computer/ Laptop can import all photos/ Videos from iPhone/ iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 8/ iOS 7.

If you know that now a day hundreds of third party premium software available for transfer photos or other media file to your windows. But you can do same without any media transfer software for iOS device to Windows PC.

How to transfer/ Copy photos from iPhone to Windows PC – Windows 8/7

Without iTunes and Third party you have to different option without online cloud or using cloud service.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC/ Computer or Laptop via USB lighting cable.

Step 2: Go to the My computer from desktop or Start menu. And open it.

Step 3: Now your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch should be display with your system drive.

Note: If you didn’t find them make sure from your iOS device you have to choose trust this computer, for the security reason.

Step 4: Once you done. From the right pane under my computer expand your device aero. And right click on your device.

You will see: Import pictures and videos. Once you choose this option you can see import process at the bottom right screen. At there you can set tag or set delete media file automatically after copied to your windows system.copy photos from iPhone to Windows PC or laptop


and you can add tag and delete after import setting from option.Start import to PC from iOS device

Copy/ import using online cloud service: Transfer/ copy photos from iPhone to Windows PC

Open photo from photos app which you want to copy in your computer. Tap on share icon from the bottom of screen tab. Now you have multiple options for share with Mail, Message, Facebook or Twitter. Choose prefer option. This way is very useful when you don’t want transfer or copy all photos and videos to your computer.Share photos on online cloud service or Mail from iPhone

Or Use dropbox: upload selected photos in dropbox manually in iPhone, iPad

Really useful ways for all iOS users, who can import/ copy photos from iPhone to Windows PC or Laptop. More help then please share with us on below comment box.

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