Create and Edit Playlist on iPhone Apple Music: iOS 9/ 8 [How to]

Playlist is #1 solution for play any number of songs unlimited when you are on ride, Drive a car and DJ Parties. So now I am explaining how to create and Edit playlist on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apple music app. Quite confusion compare to music app but easy to create playlist, add songs and move songs from one playlist to another in iOS device. There is not limitations on number of playlists or how many songs added in single playlist.

Stop song automatically on iPhone Music app

how to Create and Edit Playlist on iPhone running on iOS 8, iOS 9

Step 1: Go to Apple music app on iPhone, iPad and Open it.

Step 2: Next, Tap on My Music from the bottom tab > Playlist > for Create new playlist Tap on “New”.

Step 3: Give Playlist name > Add song by Tap on Add songs.

Step 4: Now you can choose easily by Songs category.

Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Composers, Compilations, Playlists (Add all songs from previously created list at once).

repeat step 3 for add more songs.

Step 5: Tap on Done from top right screen, Now you are done you can see created playlist under playlist section. Create and Edit Playlist on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 8, iOS 9

Steps for Create and Edit Playlist on iPhone and iPad is same. buy in different user interface.

How to Edit playlist on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch apple music app: iOS 8/ iOS 9

Open playlist that you want edit in by tap on name of playlist.

Near to Name of playlist, Tap on Edit option near to that.

For remove song from playlist: Tap on red icon near to song.

For add more songs in same playlist, repeat step 3. Edit playlist in iPhone music app

Finally tap on done, For save changes made in playlist.

Above steps are works on Apple music app to Create and Edit Playlist on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 9, iOS 8. You can also create playlist in VLC media and other music app. You can also create and Edit playlist in iTunes on Mac and Windows, Easily.