How to Create Apple Music Playlists on iPhone, iPad, Mac (Edit)

Do you want to jump quickly between fresh, exciting, and buzz-worthy songs of your own choice? You can now create a playlist on Apple Music App and get the personalized and customized array of songs you love to listen to. 

Besides this, Apple Music makes sharing the playlist with friends and family more convenient since it has a share button. If you don’t know how to create and share the playlist on Apple Music App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, read the below article. 

Note: You won’t be allowed to create a playlist for Apple Music Voice Plan. And offline music follow the same steps mentioned in the article.

All About Apple Music Playlists

This tutorial will show how to create and share the playlist in the Music app on Apple peripherals. At the same point, we will also show you how to edit, sort, and delete a playlist.

How To Create a Playlist On iPhone

There are different ways to create a playlist on an iPhone. You can create from scratch and add songs. Vice versa, if you find a song or album that inspires the playlist, you can begin designing the playlist. 

Create New Playlist From Beginning

  1. Open the Apple Music App on your iPhone.
  2. Hit Library from the bottom menu.
  3. Select Playlist > New Playlist.
  1. Choose Playlist Name and give the name to your playlist.
  2. Click on Description and add the description if you want.
  3.  Click on the Camera Icon to take a photo or choose an image.
  4.  Hit on Add Music > Listen Now or Browse for music or on Library to pick out something from your Library. You can add single songs or a complete album.
  1. When you are done with adding the song, choose Done from the upper right corner. You will see your new playlist in the library under the playlist. 

Create A New Playlist From A Song Or Album

You can create a playlist from an album and song in Apple Music.

From Song,

  1. When you get the song and want to create the playlist, hit on the Three Horizontal Dots next to the song.
  2. Click Add To A Playlist.
  1. Select New Playlist or choose the existing playlist, then follow Steps 4 to 9 mentioned in the create a new playlist from the beginning.  

From Album,

  1. If you find any album, tap on it to open. And from the top right corner, choose Three Horizontal Dots.
  2.  Select Add To A Playlist. 
  3. Click New Playlist and then follow Steps 4 to 9 mentioned in the create a new playlist from beginning. 

How To Create a Playlist On iPad

If you want to create a Playlist on an iPad, here is how you can do so. 

  1. Access the Apple Music App.
  2. Click on the Menu Icon from the top left corner.
  3. Search and select New Playlist.
  4.  Hit Playlist Name and give the playlist name. 
  5. Select Description and jot down the description as per your wish.
  6. To add the image, select Camera Icon. 
  7. Click Take Photo or Choose Photo.
  8. Tap Add Music.
  9. Select Listen Now or Browse the song you want. Alternatively, tap Library to pick up the song. Perform the same to add multiple songs.
  10. When you are done adding songs, hit Done from the right-upper corner. 

The newly created playlist will be seen under the playlist in the left sidebar. Best of all, you can create a new playlist from albums and songs in Apple Music on iPad in the same way as shown on iPhone.

How To Share Playlist In Apple Music On iPhone And iPad

Best of all, you can now share the personalized playlist from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad to friends via AirDrop, Mail, Message, or copy and paste the link. Here is how you can do. 

  1. Access the Music App.
  2. Click on Library.
  3. Long press on the Playlist you are willing to share.
  4.  From the sharing menu, select the preferable way to share; AirDrop, Mail, Message, etc.

Alternative Way,

  1. Access the playlist from the share.
  2. Select Three Dots from the top right corner.
  3. Hit Share Playlist…
  4. Choose the preferable way to share.

You can perform both methods, whether the playlist is shared or created by you. 

How To Edit, Sort, And Delete Playlist On iPhone And iPad

In the future, right after creating the playlist, if you are willing to edit, sort or delete the playlist, you can do so. But first of all, open the Apple Music App and then Playlist. Then, tap on Three Horizontal Dots and follow the steps below.

Note: The changes you have made in the library will be synced across all devices when the synced settings are enabled in the Music Settings. 

To Add More Song: Select Add Music and then search for music. Alternatively, you can long-press the song or album and tap Add To A Music. Then, select Playlist. 


To Delete Song: Select – Minus Icon, then choose Delete. Keep note removing the songs from the playlist won’t completely delete the songs from the library. 


To Delete Playlist: Select Three Horizontal Dots next to the playlist. And click on Delete From Library. Or long press on the playlist, and from the resulting menu, select Delete From Library.   


To Change Song Order: Drag the Reorder Icon next to the songs. 


How To Create A Playlist In Apple Music App On Mac

For Mac users, here are the steps to create a playlist in the Apple Music app. 

  1. Access the Apple Music App.
  2. From the menu bar, click File and select New.
  1. Choose Playlist. Give a name to your playlist and then describe it as you desire. 

To add the songs or album to the newly created playlist, drag it to the playlist in the sidebar. 

How To Share A Playlist In Apple Music App On Mac

Two different methods exist to share a playlist with your friend from Apple Music on Mac. Here are those methods. 

Method 1

  1. Open the Music App, and access the All Playlist Page.
  2. Move the mouse toward the playlist and select Three Dot Icon.
  3. Choose Share.
  1.  Now, choose how you are willing to share.

Method 2

  1. Access the Playlist you are willing to share.
  2. Select Three Dots from the right side.
  3. Hit Share and select the desired way you are eager to share it.

Bottom Line

Apple Music has become favorite since it allow to create and share playlist. So you can now enjoy the song with family and friends together. Additionally, for mac users will also receive a Smart Playlist feature.

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