How to Create a Ringtone Directly on iPhone Using Garageband

iPhone ringtone maker app Garageband

How do I make a ringtone for my iPhone using GarageBand? Generally, officially iPhone ringtone maximum length is to be 29 seconds, even though, using this trick you can make iPhone ringtone more than 40 seconds. Otherwise, to create a ringtone directly on iPhone using GarageBand that you can get below. By this way, you do not require to connect your iPhone with PC or iTunes. Just you should have installed Garageband App on your iPhone.

You may familiar about the Garageband app; it is a world’s most famous music creation app. today, I will show you how to use Garageband App on iPhone with iOS to create custom Ringtone step by step.

Complete Guide to Create a ringtone Directly on iPhone using Garageband App

iPhone ringtone maker app Garageband

Step 1. First, launch the Garageband app on the iPhone running on the latest iOS.

Step 2. Hit on the + button to create a new song or instrumental music, choose your instrument (sampler, Smart Drums, Smart Strings, Smart Bass, Smart Keyboard, Smart Guitar, etc.) to use and get started to play or just press buttons.

Build iPhone 7 plus ringtone without iTunes

Step 3. After thinking your desired tone ideas, press on the red button to record your track and then tapping again on the red button to Stop tone recording as usual.

start custom Ringtone recording on iPhone iOS 10

Step 4. Now you will have to tap on the downward pointing arrow icon in the left side corner on the screen and select ‘My Songs’.

Official way to make iPhone ringtone free iOS 10

Step 5. Now choose your recently created song and then tap on sharing icon you can appear in the left-top corner, it looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of it.

Hit on + button to create a new song or instrumental musicStep 6. Now you will get sharing options – Select ‘’Ringtone’’.

easy way to Ringtone directly on iPhone 7 Plus Using Garageband

Step 7. Enter the Ringtone name whatever you would like and assign the song name, artist name, etc.

Step 8. Tap on Export appears top-right side corner.

Now you will have three options:

  1. Standard Ringtone – Apply for all incoming call
  2. Standard Text tone and – Tone for all text message and iMessage.
  3. Assign to contact – ringtone for individual contacts.

Finally, after finishing all above all steps tap on Done, and then exit Garageband. And get enjoy your newly created Ringtone. Like this post? Share it on Facebook, Twitter.

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