Dark Mode Not Working On Mac Sonoma? 7 Ways to Fix it!

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Dark mode or Night mode has a charming appearance that saves Energy, and prevents strain in a dark area – effective for a night job. Sometimes Dark way not showing effect, on your Screen or some apps. Let’s make clear which apps support Dark mode on Mac.

Officially apple Gives Pure Dark mode on Mac running Mac OS Mojave or Later. macOS Catalina or Latest MacOS automatically Switch between light and Dark themes according to the time of the day. Dark mode Supported apps are News App, Stocks app, Xcode, Notes app, Mail app, Safari, Mac App Store, Messages, and All Other that you are using most of the time. This Feature will create unusual Combinations with other primary colors. Mac Dock is more clearly visible on big-screen iMac and Small screen MacBook. In a Short time period, Third-Party apps are also ready with Dark mode.

I also discussed some interesting facts about Dark mode, Why you failed to use Dark mode on Mac.

Work through the guide to fix Dark Mode not working on Mac. Now auto dark mode is available on macOS Safari. But MacOS Catalina & later MacOS support System-Wide Auto-Dark mode on Mac.

Essential tips: Turn on Dynamic Desktop on Any MacOS.

Steps for Dark Mode Not working on Mac running Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro/ Air

Solution 1: Activate or Turn on Dark mode on Mac Correctly

On MacOS Ventura or Later,

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1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac

2→ Next, Select Appearance > Choose Auto Option to turn on Dark mode automatically on Sunrise to Sunset & Sunset to Sunrise. as per your Location Time Zone, your Mac appearance will change through a WiFi connection or Location Based macOS Service. or Select Dark to Make your Mac in dark mode.


3→ That’s it.

Make Sure Location Service is on:- Go to the Apple Logo > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Enable Toggle.

The rest of the toggle is to manage the individual app’s location service. Furthermore, Enable Time zone and system customization-based location service under the Details. That’s it.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier,

  1. Go to the Apple Logo on Mac from top right Mac Mene.
  2. Next, click on System Preferences.
1 General in System Preferences on Mac Mojave
  1. From System Preferences > General.
  2. Find, Next to Appearance select Dark mode or Auto Dark mode
    • Light: Force Enable Light Theme on Mac for All Time.
    • Dark: Force Enable Dark Theme on Mac for All Time.
    • Auto: Switch Between Light Theme and Dark Theme According to the Time of the day.
Enable Dark mode or Dark Theme on Mac
Enable Dark Mode or Dark Theme on Mac

Solution 2: Force Restart your Mac

  • Check For Update: Or Enable Auto Software Update
  • Internal Software glitch and Corrupted OS you can re-fix by yourself. Your Mac OS Was Damaged from any reason like You remove or Deleted root files or folders from the system drive. Sometimes Third-Party Software or Optimisations tools make your Mac system Error.

Go to the Apple Menu > Software Update > Check for Update and install a new macOS Version.

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Solution 3: Hard Reboot OR Reinstall macOS

Mac users have been reported that some apps causing issues on the Dark mode system. Because this cleanup file system removes the Dark mode files. After removing that software from Mac, Dark mode is working aspected. Still does not work and none of the recovery or repair techniques work on Mac then I recommend reinstalling macOS. Follow the below steps to reinstall macOS.

  1. Restart your Mac. – From the top mac menu, Apple logo > Restart.
  2. Next, For intel Processor mac, Press and Hold the Command + R key until you listen to Mac Startup sound. Hold those keys, After you see the macOS Utility window on the screen.. For Apple Silicon Mac, Press and Hold on the Power button until Mac shows the screen,
options-in-recovery-mode-on-mac (Apple Silicon)
  1. Now, the Second option is Reinstall macOS. Follow the on-screen instruction to install the latest version of macOS on Mac.
  2. This Re-installation process installs a new copy of macOS without Erase the drive.

This solution fixes other software issues and repair buggy macOS.

Solution 4: Restart also works! OR Force Restart!

  • Most of the Case Reboot the Apple device works. That fixes the problem between your Hardware and macOS Software.
  • Go to the Apple Menu > Restart or Shut Down.


  • Use the Power key to Force restarts Mac. Press and hold the Power button until you see the black screen and Apple logo on the screen.

Solution 5: What is Dark Mode? It’s Dark. Alternate Ways to Turn On.

  • Yes, it works for All Mac. The dark mode is not turn on automatically like Low Blue light or Night Shift mode. In My Case, I am using Dark mode in a night or low sunlight. So the process for turn on the Dark mode in really long and hard for me. So I created Dark Mode Keyboard Shortcuts [With Video] that can turn on enable from Keyboard Shortcuts.
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We can turn on Dark mode with Night Shift mode.

Yes, We can Use Dark mode with night Shift mode or Low Blue light. Also, we can change the Menu accent color from the same settings windows next to the Appearances.

Some people are also asking me, Can we change the opacity and turn the darkness on Mac? No, it’s not possible at this time. But you can change it by your Display Brightness automatically.

Tips: Turn off Dark Mode on Word Mac.

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