How to View & Delete all Recent Calls History on iPhone with iOS 17.1.2

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Get here all about How to View and Delete Your iPhone’s Call HistorySometimes essential skills are the most underrated ones. That is simply checking your call history. Although the iPhone has many excellent features, it is still a phone and making a call is the priority.

Why are we discussing call history? Because you may not have considered it, it could save your life. Suppose you need to tell someone you did call them. Where do you go? Yes, to the call history. Don’t worry if you forgot to save the number of an important call you made a few days ago; call history has you covered.

So this blog is for iPhone users who want to know everything about their call history features, including how to view, edit, delta, and recover your call history.

How can I see my entire call history on my iPhone?

You first need to open a screenshot of your call logs, no matter your purpose, to see, view, edit, delete, or even take a screenshot. So grab your iPhone and follow these simple steps to see the entire call history:

Step 1: Open your iPhone by unlocking it.

Step 2: Tap the Phone icon that is on the bottom left side of your phone’s home screen.

Hint: if the Phone app does not appear, meaning the Phone app missing on the iPhone dock, then you can find the Phone app using Spotlight Search. Open the iPhone search bar by swiping down from the middle of the home screen and enter the Phone app into the search bar. The App will show on the search result screen. Just tap on it to open.

Step 3: Tap on Recents to see a list of calls you’ve made, including the income and outgoing numbers.

Step 4: If you only want to see the calls that you have missed, tap the “Missed” tab to see a filtered list.

Click on the All tab to switch back to the entire call history. If you swipe to up side from the bottom, you can see more calls on the screen.

But the number of calls history is limited on Apple iPhone. Keep continuing to read below why are only a few phone calls in history show?

Step 5: If you want the full details of a specific call you made earlier, tap on the blue circle icon with the letter “i” on it.

It will give you several options, such as adding the number to a new contact, returning the call, or blocking it. 

Step 6: Tap on Recents to get back to the call history after viewing the information.

And that’s it. These are the only steps you need to follow to see the Entire call history on your iPhone.

Six Steps to Clear/ Delete All Recent Calls History on iPhone

Step 1. First and First, Unlock your Phone and go to the Home Screen

Step 2. Now Launch the Phone app

Step 3. Tap on Recents appears between Favorites and Contacts.

Step 4. Tap on Edit appears at the top right side corner.

Step 5. Tap Clear

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Step 6. Tap on Clear All Recents to make confirm.

The call history has been cleared. Do you want to delete a single call history instead of all call history? Let’s attempt the below-given steps to do!

You’re done.

Steps To Delete Multiple Calls history on iPhone- Missed calls, FaceTime calls

  1. On Phone app
  2. Tap Recents
  3. Choose a Contact that you want to trash
  4. Now swipe the call history to the left side to access the Delete button.
  5. Click on Delete to confirm.

After deleting one contact in history, you can get one more old call history at the bottom of the call history screen. So using this way, you can reach up to one-month-old call history.

We can say this is the best hack to increase call history on your iPhone. You can prepare a list of call history using paper and pen by following the given hack.

That’s it.

If you don’t make confirm then your entire iPhone calls history will stay as it is. After deleting all call history, there are not any official ways to get it back.

I want to access my 1 month old call log on my Apple iPhone. is it possible?

My Friend says that My Apple smart cell phone (iOS operating system) seems to have deleted the recent calls history on the Phone app. Is there any way to access iPhone call log using Apple icloud or iTunes on PC?

I replied to him, No. There isn’t any scope to access it. The most recent 100 call history (incoming call & outgoing calls & missed calls) should be on the phone app history.

If not appear there, in this case, you need to go back further, the last option is that you’ll need to access your detailed billing records with your carrier company, for example, Verizon, at&t, Sprint, or T-Mobile, or via your online account with them.

The reason is that tech brand Apple doesn’t keep track of your calls log at all (they have no magical way if even knowing what calls you receive or make by you – The telephone service is with your carrier).

Can I Recover iPhone Call history Without Backup?

Apple offers Online Storage called iCloud to back up iPhone’s data and make access them anywhere on other Apple devices using the same Apple ID and Password.

In case, you don’t take back up even a single time and accidentally your iPhone call history deleted, then there isn’t a way to recover it. However, there are many iPhone Call history Recover Software available in the marketplace but almost all are bullshit.

I suggest you should not buy a kind of software program cause not worth it for you & your phone data. However, you can purchase at your risk. Also don’t miss to read the given hint below.

Hint: Please Back up your Phone regularly in iCloud, if your iCloud storage is full then you can buy more storage on monthly rent. There is an option also to automatically back up your Phone.

How far Back Does Call History Go on the iPhone? 

So, if you make multiple calls per day, whether for work or otherwise, the following question may arise in your mind: How far back can I see my old call history on my iPhone?

Apple failed to satisfy customers. Although the systems hold the data of 1000 call logs and their information, you will be able to see only 100 calls at a time.

If you need to see the last ten call details on your call logs list, delete ten numbers from your current call list, and ten new call log numbers will replace them. Users have been continuously mentioning this issue, but Apple still hasn’t made any update.

So you might be thinking, what if I need to find the contact information for an important call I made a long time ago, and it has surpassed the 100-item limit?

As I mentioned earlier, Apple keeps records of a 1000 call list, so to find your actual number, delete the number you do not want from the 100 lists, and it will automatically add another number from the 1000 list. But the critical thing here is that the number you are looking for should be in the 1000 list. Or else there are no other options.

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In a nutshell, you can only view up to 100 calls on your call logs.

What are the iPhone’s call logs?

iPhone call logs are the records of all phone calls made or received by an iPhone user. The call log lists incoming and outgoing calls made to or from an iPhone. It also contains information about each call’s date, time, duration, and other details. 

A call log allows you to obtain detailed information about any specific call you made, add it to your contact list, or block any number so that it cannot call you in the future.

How can I see my Recent call History from months ago on my iPhone?

Your call history is complete, and you want to check with whom you called a month ago, which might be necessary. To prevent this, go to the call logs on your iPhone and scroll down to the list. On the right side of the call list, you will see the date on which the call has been made.

Look for the date you want the call history. Once you find the one you are looking for, you can see further details by tapping the round “i” icon. It doesn’t matter how previously the call has been made; it should be in the 100 lists of calls that your iPhone keeps the data. 

How many recent calls does the iPhone hold? How long does recent call history stay on an iPhone?

The most important reason why people buy an iPhone is the existing features that it offers and also the security policies that keep your data 100% secure. That makes it different from any other phone. But still, this fantastic device has one drawback.

It does not show the details of the calls you made more than 100. If you scroll down to the end of your list, you will only be able to see the information for the last 100 calls you made. Although the device holds the data for 1000 calls, you will be able to see 100 only. 

And also, there is no time limitation. Your call history will be secure, and you can access it any time you wish to.

How to view call history on an iPhone from 2 weeks ago?

When checking back on the call, the history is simple. Just tap on the phone icon on your home screen, and you are now directed to the call history, where you have access to all your call logs, including your incoming and outgoing calls, and there is a separate section for the calls that you have missed.

To view the call history of any particular date, you have to swipe down and look for the date. You will get that in your call logs, two weeks ago or a month ago.

One thing that you need to make sure of is that the call history that you are looking for must be the 100 lists, or else you will have to delete the call logs that are not so necessary.

Can you recover deleted call history on an iPhone?

The answer is yes, and you can recover your deleted history on an iPhone. If you have mistakenly deleted any of your call logs and desperately need to find that number, don’t panic.

There is an easy way of recovering your deleted call log. And the steps of the method are shared in the above section of the blog. Follow them are you will get back your call history. 

How to recover call history on an iPhone without a computer?

People often delete a few recent phone calls when deleting spam calls and other not-so-necessary call logs. But fortunately, you can recover your deleted call history on your iPhone by restoring from backup, using backup on iCloud, or using an iPhone call history recovery tool. Now you can quickly recover your deleted call history and its information.

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Following these simple steps, let’s learn how to recover your call history using the backup option in iCloud. 

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your name Profile

Step 2: Select iCloud.

Step 3: Next, tap Manage Storage and then select iCloud.

If you had created a backup before deleting the call history, then there are strong chances that the backup option keeps a record of all the calls you need to recover to your iPhone. 

There is no need for a computer in the whole process. All you need to do is revert your iPhone to factory settings, then recover the call history using the backup. 

There is another method to recover your recently deleted call history:

Step 1: Go to the Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down, find the option “General,” and scroll the screen tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 3: Then look for “Reset” and tap on it.

Step 4: Then, choose to Erase All Content and Settings and Erase Now.

Step 5: Once it is done, your iPhone will restart.

Step 6: Set Up Your iPhone, and press the button when you get to the App and Data Screen.

You will get an option to restore by clicking on the Restore From iCloud option.

Step 7: To log in, enter your Apple ID and password.

Then choose the backup that contains the call logs you need to recover.

It depends on the date of your backup. You can get the chance to recover some old call history that had been months ago. 

Step 8: You must finish a few other steps by tapping on Continue.

After it is done, go back to your call logs, where your deleted call history is finally recovered.

If you want to recover your recently deleted call history, follow the steps outlined above, or turn on your backup so that iCloud keeps a backup of your recently deleted data in the future.

How do I find old call logs on my iPhone?

You can always look up your phone history on your iPhone by tapping the phone icon on your home screen. And you will get all the necessary details of all the calls that have been made. 

How do you print your iPhone’s call history?

In this section, we will share the easiest way to print your iPhone call history, which you may need to present to someone else or for any personal reason.

Just follow these simple steps, and you will have the print of your iPhone’s call history in your hands.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download a software named Touch Copy and, after that, connect your iPhone with the computer.

Step 2: Then, go to the call log features and open it.

Step 3: Select the contact that you wish to print call history.

Step 4: After selecting the contact, click on “print.”

This software can also access your call histories from your iPhone, Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype, and Microsoft team

Can I recover deleted call history? 

Yes, sure, you can recover your deleted call history without a computer. Go to your iPhone settings options and follow the steps mentioned above. Turn on your backup.


Our phone is primarily used to make essential calls. Sometimes, we save the contacts, and other times, we don’t. But thankfully, the iPhone has a way for you to back up your data. This blog was a complete guide on viewing your call logs and the essential steps. 

Here described way through which Apple iOS users can learn to delete all recent calls history on iPhone SE, iPhone device.

Generally, all carriers, for example, Verizon, at&t, Sprint, or T-Mobile, and a carrier that you’re running on your iPhone. So while you make an incoming call, get an outgoing call/missed calls on your cell phone, then that creates logs inside the Phone app and recent function.

Luckily, Apple gives amenities so their users can clear all recent call logs at once as well as multiple calls. So today, I will show you, how to clear all recent calls history on iPhone SE, iPhone 6S Plus, and on all earlier models with the illustration.

Sometimes users addressed a problem that the iPhone recent calls list won’t clear. If you’re one of them. Don’t worry. For that, follow the steps carefully and get your job.

After trying the above steps, however, your iPhone won’t allow you to delete then Restart iPhone and go back to the home screen to clear it. I hope now you got success in deleting all calls and Missed calls history on your iPhone SE.

Please write a caption in the comment if any issue. Share your experience in the comment box; please know us, how’s useful the way to clear or delete all recent calls history on iPhone.

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