Enable/ Disable Autoplay YouTube video on iPhone or Web

Recently many features added by YouTube for Web or iOS app users, But some time prove useless for who don’t want play video continuously saved in playlist or related video showing in Bottom app or Sidebar panel of website. But YouTube official option for Web and iOS app, you can Disable AutoPlay YouTube video using the guide explains in below article.

AutoPlay video feature is some time really helps to find more convenient video that you want actually see or learn. YouTube own suggestion from other’s users experience over the web you will get that directly on related videos that you should watch (For Leaning, Entrainment or Troubleshooting guide).

Steps for Disable Autoplay YouTube video in iOS app, YouTube app

Step 1: Go to the YouTube app on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch

Step 2: Play video that your want after find top search box. On video playing screen you will find Autoplay blue toggle (Near to Up next label).

Step 3: Disable it, Stop auto play YouTube video.Disable Autoplay YouTube video on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Note for Android: Same option also available for android YouTube app.

Disable Auto Play video on Web

See below screen, from the side pane widget or related video suggestion, disable auto play toggle.

Disable Auto play video on Web

Note: User’s also have a query on YouTube AutoPlay doesn’t work due to any application bug or irrelevant iOS and App version.

Go to the App Store > Updates > Find YouTube app (if available then update it)

Go to the Setting App > General > Software Update > Update it if any notificationUpdate YouTube app on iPhone

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Generally YouTube auto play video takes 10 seconds between complete video and start next upcoming video.

That’s it. Now stopped auto play video continuously without you play another video or until you choose manually by Disable Autoplay YouTube video options. Share you feedback on how you irritating with this YouTube Autoplay video features.