1 Background app Refresh on iPhone

How to Manage Background App Refresh on iPhone and iPad

You know that how to Disable Background app refresh on iPhone/iPad? If no then scroll down and know grate Tips for your iPhone. After you try this Tips you will get the massive changes in improve Battery life on iPhone and iPad. This setting is performing the biggest roll in improving battery life on iOS, then this point also in them, which is that the disable background app refresh in iDevice. Then follow given Tips and do it very easy way, due to that you can save your iPhone or iPad battery Power very long time. Beneficial of these tips, you’ve got the amazing battery life and slow performance of your iPhone or iPad and you can keep in touch with a long time.

This is custom settings for manage app refresh in the background automatically on the iPhone and iPad. if you are unable to make changes in Background app refresh then check restriction for this settings, Go to the Settings > General > Restrictions > Background app refresh > Don’t Allow Changes.

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1 Backgroud App Refresh restriction on iPhone


Read beneath steps for How to disable background app refresh on iPhone

Step: 1 Tap On Settings App and Launch it in iPhone/iPad

2 Turn on Backgroud app refresh on iPhone

Step: 2 Click on General > Tap Background App Refresh > Set to turn off.

3 Turn off Backgroud app refresh on iPhone


Step: 3 Next, select Background App Refresh [Select Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data]

5 Turn on Backgroud app refresh on Wi-Fi Only on iPhone

Step: 4 For this option, we can apply different rules for the particular app that runs in the background when open but not in use.

6 Disable or Enable Backgroud app refresh on iPhone

Either select Background App Refresh totally off through the main toggle button at the Topside of the screen or you can do it, by select particular Apps.

You can see also in the given image. There’re four Apps Toggle individual OFF, while the master button at the top of the screen, Background App Refresh toggle is ON.

According to, Our opinion many Apps consume more Power, due to refresh it at the background of your iPhone or iPod, likewise, Facebook, it takes more Power with each time refresh in your iPhone background and your iPhone has lost battery drain early.

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