Disable camera open from lock screen: iOS 10, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7

Access camera on lock screen now change the way to access on lock screen in last release iOS 10. And the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has too much improvement in camera department. So people are exiting to use it and Try it. You are not happy with it may be your friend, Child using/ Testing camera without permission. I got many mails/ Forms Questions request on how Stop or Disable camera open from lock screen in iOS 10.

Some users have a problem on camera app accidentally open from locked screen. Camera app consuming more battery (it’s not true, because apple upgrade battery performance in new iOS 10 and New upcoming iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7). Also camera app we cannot delete like other built in apps.

Some users are not accepting this solution, but here I give suggestion as a best Option that Disable camera open from lock screen on anyhow. It’s official and Works as a parental control. Officially there is not option for Disable camera only from lock screen, so understand and accept my assist. It’s please for me. If you have tips that help out disable camera open from lock screen iPhone/ iPad with iOS 10.

Hope that! Apple will give solution on this officially in next update.

Steps for Turn off/ Disable camera open from lock screen iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Next, Scroll screen and Tap on General.

3: Then, Tap on Restrictions. Enter passcode for make changes in that.

Disable camera open from lock screen iPhone and iPad

4: Next, In the First section you will see Camera toggle. Disable it for hide/ Turn of camera access on locked screen.

1 Stop or Disable camers access on lock screen iOS 10

Keep remember, this option will also hide camera app on home screen/ Spotlight search. When you want? Repeat above steps and Enable Camera option under Privacy setting for the device.

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Try this temporary/ unsatisfactory solution now, for Disable camera open from lock screen iDevice running on iOS 10. Same steps also useful previous iOS 8, iOS 9 version with the same faction.


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