Disable Caps Lock Indicator on Mac in macOS Sonoma

🗓️ October 25, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

The capslock indicator feature has been added from macOS Sonoma, which looks like Blue Upper Arrow. While some users might find it helpful, other users find it useless as they find it distracting all day. If you are one such user looking for a way to turn it off, then this article is for you. So here is how to disable CapsLock Indicator on Mac running the latest macOS. 

How to turn off Caps Lock Indicator on macOS Sonoma

In this article, we’ll show how to turn off Caps Lock Indicator on macOS Sonoma and later versions. 

1. Steps to disable the Caps Lock Indicator on Mac

Unfortunately, there is no identical way to disable the Caps Lock Indicator on Mac running the latest macOS. However, many users have reported the issue to Apple to offer a separate toggle to disable only Caps Lock Indicator. Hopefully, Apple will consider it and provide a separate toggle in future updates. 

As a temporary solution, we suggest turning off the Caps Lock button on your Mac keyboard’s left side. And when you want to capitalize the content, press Shift + Alphabet

Disable Caps Lock Indicator

Temporary Solution: Steps to turn off Caps Lock Button on Mac

As we all know, the Caps Lock key on Mac is the most lease-used key. It often leads the users to jot down the incorrect password when it is accidentally enabled. If you no longer want to use the Caps Lock or just want to get rid of the Caps Lock indicator until the separate toggle for this is available in future updates, follow the steps below. 

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Step 1: Go to the Apple Menu at Mac’s screen’s left-top corner. Select System Settings…

Apple Logo and Tap System Settings.. On Mac

Step 2: Scroll down and select Keyboard from the left pane. Select Keyboard Shortcuts Button…

Click Keyboard Tap Keyboard Shortcuts... On Mac

Step 3: Click the Modifier Key option from the left pane. Click on Caps Lock Drop-down and configure it to No Action. At last, click on Done to save the changes you’ve made. 

Click Modifier Keys Choose Caps Look Key Select No Action Tap Done On Mac

That’s It! From now on, the Caps Lock key on your Mac keyboard is of no use, so you can get rid of Caps Lock Indicator. However, to capitalize the Alphabet, you can press Shift + Alphabet

Final Verdict!

Unfortunately, there is no separate way to turn off the Caps Lock indicator on Mac running macOS Sonoma. We hope Apple considers this issue and offers a separate toggle to turn it off in the future. 

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