2 Ways to Disable/Enable Night Shift Mode on iPhone, iPad [All iPhone/iPad]: Low Blue Light

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020here’s the Settings for your iPhone & iPad, That Turn on Night Mode or Low Blue Light. checkout these two ways to turn on/Turn off Night Shift mode on iPhone/iPad. For that first, you have to enable Night shift mode on the iPhone or iPad/ iPod Touch. then manage automatically without changing it manually if it’s enabled. From the research in Science, night blue light can affect your eye’s circadian rhythms during dark light. So late-night surfing, Gaming, and Watching movies easier, the perfect solution for headache during a sleeping. Now on an Apple device, you can reduce or customize blue light from settings by turn on. So the basis of your geographic region and time, your device automatically turned on during sunset time. Then, turn off at the sunshine time.

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Steps for Disable/Enable Night Shift mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple unveiled different screen modes that use to Dark mode, That millions of Apple users are using worldwide. According to atmosphere and geolocation different People has different look a feed to see the object, So Here are the settings for Night Shift mode, that stop blue light raise that harm your eye after a long time. Also Check out Other screen modes, Dark mode (System-Wide Dark mode), True Tone Display (adjust the color temperature based on the light of its current surroundings).

if you failed in Turn on or Turn off Night shift mode on the device, care below points carefully.

  • Step 1: Go to the Setting app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Step 2: Next, Tap on Display & Brightness, Next to the Brightness Adjustment Tap on Night Shift Mode.

    Display & Brightness on iPhone settings

    Display & Brightness on iPhone settings

  • Step 3: The first option is Schedule, Second is manually Enable Until Tomorrow. And next is Color temperature.

    Enable Night Shift Settings and Set Schedule, Color Temperature and War level

    Enable Night Shift Settings and Set Schedule, Color Temperature and War level

  1. Schedule Choose to From Sunset to Sunrise: Automatically turned on or off during night and day respectively.
  2. Schedule Set for custom time: only turned on for a selected time period. – Also, choose AM or PM with a time interval.

2nd Way to Enable Night Shift Mode on iPhone/iPad

On iPhone, swipe your finger down from the top-right edge of the iPhone/iPad on the lock screen or unlocked iOS/iPadOS device screen. Touch and Hold on Brightness Bar, Until it popup on full screen. The second option is the Night Shift mode. Tap on it to enable and retap to turn off. See the above image. ⇑

Turn off or Enable Night Shift mode on iPhone and iPad

Turn off or Enable Night Shift mode on iPhone and iPad

I recommended 2nd option, During day time yellow screen not more easily readable your screen. So we need blue light. But at night we haven’t need blue light.

Turn off or disable/ just follow the above steps for Enable Night shift mode on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. But toggle should be off.

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