Disable/ Enable Night shift mode on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9.3

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customize blue light by Disable/ Enable Night shift mode on iPhone, iPad. learn how to turn or off blue light reduction and manage level.

iOS 9 users can update iOS 9.3 on selected devices, Now you can spent more time at night especially. For that first, you have to enable Night shift mode on iPhone or iPad/ iPod Touch. then manage automatically without change it manually if it’s enable. From the research in Science, night blue light can affect your eye’s circadian rhythms during dark light. So late night surfing, Gaming, and Watching movie more easy, perfect solution for headache during a sleeping. Now on apple device you can reduce or customize blue light from settings by turn on. So the basis of your geographic region and time, your device automatically turned on during sunset time. Then, turn off at sunshine time.

Benq monitor have amazing technology on Low blue light.


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Vision on low blue light for iPhone test screen

Steps for Disable/ Enable Night Shift mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The great invention by apple, Without replace hardware you can enjoy or customize blue light level on all supported device. Right now we experienced on iOS 9.3 Public beta (You can also install iOS 9.3 public beta without any crash on device).

if you failed in Turn on or Turn off Night shift mode on device, care below points carefully.

Step 1: Go to the Setting app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Step 2: Next, Tap on Display & Brightness, New section for Blue Light Reduction available there.

Step 3: Enable Blue light Reduction toggleEnable Night shift mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Step 4:

How to use night shift mode on iPhone: iOS 9.3

Schedule Choose to Off: Toggle is on, it will automatically turn off in the morning.

Schedule Choose to From Sunset to Sunrise: Automatically turned on or off during night and day respectively.

Schedule Set for custom time: only turned on for selected time period. – Also choose AM or PM with time interval.

customize Blue light setting on iOS device

I recommended 2nd option, During day time yellow screen not more easy readable your screen. So we need blue light. But at night we haven’t need blue light.

Turn off or disable/ just follow the above steps for Enable Night shift mode on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. But toggle should be off.

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