How to Disable/ Remove Prisma Logo on iPhone, iPad: Free

Remove Prisma Logo on iPhone, iPad with iOS 10

Prisma is unique app to create awesome photos from real art, Photo editing effects and Filters that’s mostly people likes on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, pinterest or many other social Photos app. Same like other Pro photo editing app, Prisma features are pro but now available in free at all Android/ iOS platforms. So one of the most important and irritating things after create picture; prisma App is add Prisma logo on created pictures. But we can hide or Remove Prisma Logo on iPhone app in free.

This unique app is really awesome, that’s combined your natural photo to Artificial intelligence. Result Gives memorable art in just few taps on screen.

Official settings we can change it for remove Prisma watermark without pay to app. Some people are editing or applying some cropping techniques before share it with friends. But now it’s so easy and fast to share Prisma creation Pictures directly within app.

Steps for Disable/ Remove Prisma Logo on iPhone/ iPad

1: Open Prisma app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Tap on Settings Gear icon, shown in below image.

3: Disable “Enable Watermark” option toggle.

Disable Prisma Watermark icon on Picture from Setting

Note: By Default Watermark option enable for all photos.

Also see what will change in Prisma logo free created photo in before and after view.

Remove Prisma Logo on iPhone, iPad with iOS 10

Disabled Watermark setting is useful on all style, Patterns and Picture Effects.

Any Problem in Photo editing or creation on Prisma iOS app, Make sure you have latest updated app installed on iPhone/ iPad. Last app updates will make process much faster and very stable from bugs free.

Stay updated for more upcoming new pro features tips and tricks on Prisma art and Photo editing app, through our social community on Google+, Twitter or Facebook. Also share other app work like prisma, that’s you love so much and created your unique photo after Remove Prisma Logo on iPhone.

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