Does iPad 9th Generation have a Headphone Jack? Here’s An Answer

🗓️ December 28, 2021 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Are you among those obsessed with technology and get excited every time a new gadget is released? If the answer is yes, it will surely be the same for the next question. Do brands matter while making a tech-related purchase? Yes! Brands do matter a lot in any electronic purchase.
Talking about electronic gadgets, one brand has been occupying the topmost position for almost a decade now. Yep, it is none other than Apple. Be it their latest iPhones, MacBooks, Airpods, iPads, or watches, everything launched by Apple is of the best quality exuding luxury and class. No wonder people make a beeline for purchasing Apple products despite the sky-high prices they come in.

Considered among the numerous innovative, high-tech gadgets launched by Apple is the iPad 9th Generation. Relatively cost-effective compared to the other models of iPad, the iPad 9th Generation provides nearly the same benefits as iPad Pro and Air. Furthermore, among all the variations of iPad launched to date, the iPad 9th Generation has consistently proved to be the best in all the features.

Its remarkable features being up for grabs makes for a good enough reason not to wait any longer to purchase the iPad 9th Generation. Nonetheless, a detailed talk through the features should fade away any lingering doubts and put the final seal on the deal.

Features of the iPad 9th Generation

Available in variations of silver and space grey finish, 64GB and 256GB, only Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi+ Cellular models, the iPad 9th Generation presents the luxury of choices. Impressed already, wait there’s more!

It has a 10.2-inch retina display, 2160 by 1620 pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch, and A-13 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture. Furthermore, the iPad 9th Generation has an impressive Wi-Fi 802.11 ac wireless connectivity. In addition, the higher models come with LTE support, making it convenient to work on even on the go. The iPad 9th Generation also has an 8MP wide camera, 1080p HD video recording capacity, and a 12MP Facetiming camera. So, whether you want to capture a beautiful memory on your iPad or share it with your loved ones, it would be a seamless experience.

Audio calling with the iPad 9th Generation is equally pleasant and hassle-free with stereo speakers, dual microphones, with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. That’s correct! Much to the relief of Apple users, the iPad 9th Generation is among the rare Apple gadgets that still come with a headphone jack. For others speculating why having a headphone jack is that big of a deal, let’s clear out your confusion once and for all.

In recent years, Apple has stopped accommodating the headphone jack feature in almost all iOS devices. As the device models began getting thinner and compact with each upgrade, the room for including headphone jacks started getting smaller and smaller. So it went on until there was no space left to accommodate headphone jacks in Apple devices. Hence, except for MacBooks, designed to have enough space to include it, the headphone jack has become a rare Apple feature.

Therefore, the iPad 9th Generation still comes with a headphone jack component located at the top left of the tablet is undeniably a pretty big deal. However, the iPad 9th Generation only possesses the headphone jack feature simultaneously.

Why does the iPad 9th Generation come with a Headphone Jack?

For people curious about why the iPad 9th Generation comes with a headphone jack while others don’t, there’s a persuasive explanation for that too. The main influencing factor is none other than the Coronavirus. Crazy how it has impacted every aspect that even technology had to be adapted to fight against it.

Ever since the advent of Covid-19, which by the way, is still adamant about not leaving anytime soon, all of us got caged to our homes for quite a long time. Be it work, communication, or education, everything had to be shifted online. But, unfortunately, the students are among the worst sufferers of this helpless situation, losing the best years of school and college life to the Coronavirus.

Because it’ll take a while for students to have the actual classroom experience, the least they can get is the best online experience. Holding on to that belief, Apple accommodated the headphone jack feature in the iPad 9th Generation. It allows the students to connect their headphones during classes to access undisturbed education from the safety of their homes.

Benefits of the iPad 9th Generation Headphone Jack

While the primary focus is uninterrupted education, the headphone jack feature in the iPad 9th Generation comes in handy for several other purposes. Working professionals conduct video conferences with clients and fellow employees daily. Among the many issues faced in online meetings or calls, network problem tops the list. In such situations, having a headphone jack indeed reduces the comprehension and hearing issues faced by the users.
Likewise, it also proves beneficial during the lengthy, long-distant conversations with family and friends, which during these trying times, are immensely healing. The headphone jack is equally purposeful for people seeking to unwind a bit. Be it by watching a movie, listening to their favorite songs or podcasts, or playing their favorite games. The users can experience the supreme audio quality of the iPad 9th Generation without any interruptions due to its headphone jack feature.

The headphone jack in the iPad 9th Generation is the ultimate representation of the term “lose something to love it.” Just like we don’t appreciate the value of something until it’s gone, Apple users took the critical feature of the headphone jack for granted. However, when it was removed, people realized how much utility the minor feature had in the iOS devices. Although Air pods are helpful, not everyone has gotten acquainted with using or can afford them. Here’s hoping that keeping in mind the feedback and convenience of the users, Apple comes up with some way to accommodate headphone jacks in its latest devices.

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