Does the iPhone Warranty Cover a Cracked Screen? Get Full Answer

iPhone’s screen break? is the Apple website deliberately confusing? Let’s get here a complete Answer. The screen may shatter if it slips from your grasp; you may drop it in the toilet, or the battery may begin to deplete faster than you’d like. Unfortunately, it’s happened to all of us.

Everyone eventually drops their iPhone. Most drops have minor consequences, but screens crack or shatter in some situations. Some of these cracks are small issues that do not impact the functioning of your gadget. However, the other models are massive, and hence difficult to view the screen or even use the iPhone.

Does the iPhone warranty cover a cracked screen?

There is no specific accidental damage coverage in the iPhone warranty. Apple also avoids any repair of cracked Apple iPhone screen repair under its warranty. Always check if your iPhone falls under the warranty period if your phone needs any screen repair or even replacement. If that’s the case, connect with Apple directly. Reach out to the company wherefrom the phone was purchased or even connect with the Apple-authorized reseller.

Your standard/basic iPhone warranty does not cover accidental screen damage; if your iPhone screen display is cracked, you’ll have to pay for the repair.

To use a screen repair company that is not officially linked with Apple would be less expensive, but it could also invalid your iPhone warranty, so consider twice before turning it over to a repair shop.

Apple Smartphone’s screens are constructed of glass, and when cracked, they can shatter into deadly pieces with sharp edges display, so don’t set off fixing a cracked Phone screen.

You can utilize your AppleCare+ subscription to cover screen repair if you have one. AppleCare+ offers efficient technical support and also additional hardware coverage from the company along with adept protection from accidental damage. As per the plan, every and any accidental damage will cover a service fee or a deductible. The customer will have to pay the out-of-warranty fees if they don’t possess the AppleCare+ coverage.

The one-year limited warranty covers replacement coverage for a damaged battery, according to Apple’s website. With an efficient AppleCare+ Protection Plan for any iPhone, the customer can extend their warranty coverage to additional two years from the date of purchase.

While the phone is still under warranty or paid for AppleCare+ coverage, the iPhone is covered for two incidents of accidental damage iPhone with only a USD 29 cost for the screen repair, so use the Apple service center to repair that damaged screen.

You can carry a cracked iPhone to any nearby Apple store or any specific licensed service provider to get the screen replaced. It is usually done on the same day. You can even mail the iPhone to Apple and then drop in a repair request. This is a feasible choice if you are located in a region with challenging access to any Apple store or any affiliated locations.

Unless your iPhone does not have a coverage plan, you can take it to a less expensive mobile phone repair shop. Ensure to keep a backup of the iPhone to the iCloud service as the quick repair process may accidentally destroy the phone. If this happens, you may void your iPhone warranty.

What is the cost of replacing an iPhone screen if you have AppleCare+?

 All models are $29 each.

  • There is no warranty or any specific AppleCare+ plan. Also, it costs around $279 to replace the iPhone X screen.
  • A screen for an iPhone 8 Plus or 7 Plus costs $169. 
  • If you don’t have coverage, an iPhone 6 screen repair costs $129.

Apple offers its insurance called AppleCare+ in the United Kingdom and the United States; Apple offers it called AppleCare+. Apple will immediately and definitely replace or even repair the accidental damaged iPhone if you possess the insurance. Unfortunately, you only have two opportunities to receive a replacement – and there’s a risk you’ll be charged an additional fee as well – £25/$29 for screen damage and £79/$99 for other damage. 

However, you are not required to pay Apple for insurance. You might already have insurance covering your goods, or you might get phone insurance from another carrier.

Does Apple accept broken screens? 

No, There’s no trade-in value with a cracked phone screen.

Does Apple replace unresponsive screens?

Sometimes Apple organizes a phone repair program; if it seems the phone model has a significant issue in the global market, then free of cost, users can repair it at Apple’s authorized store.

How can I keep my cracked iPhone screen protected?

The ideal approach to dealing with a cracked iPhone screen is to prevent damage in the first place. Always use a screen protector, and consider purchasing a rugged case surrounding the phone.

Replace a damaged screen protector or case, as it will not perform as effectively after that.

If the screen gets cracked, Apple Store can assist you. Options for support:

Carry-in Service

  • Visit any Apple Authorized Service Provider or even the Genius Bar.
  • To have an Apple Authorized Service Provider visit your home or workplace to repair your device, onsite schedule service. The Apple onsite service are applicable in several locations. However, the person will have to pay an additional site-visit fee. If AppleCare+ covers your iPhone, this additional charge will be refunded.

Mail-in Service

  • If you are planning to send in your iPhone for repair, Apple Store will give you a box with pre-printed labels in which you can collect your iPhone and mail it to an Apple Repair Center at your leisure.
  • An Apple-trained expert will apply the Apple precision tools to repair the phone at the center. They will offer efficient service and there will be use of only genuine Apple parts.

AppleCare+ refers to a service enabling customers to extend their warranty up to a period of two years. Customers need to purchase the same within a span of 60 days after they purchase their iPhone. Additionally, AppleCare+ also gives the following: 

Efficient technical support

Up to a period of two years to cover any hardware coverage

Up to a stance of two incidences of any accidental damage coverage every year. 

The price of AppleCare+ varies based on the type of iPhone you own.

  • Under the AppleCare+ system, if the customer unintentionally damages their iPhone and makes a replacement twice in the period of the next two years.
  • AppleCare+ service also covers any additional hardware coverage for parts like the battery, the handy USB cable, and the power adapter.  

The Apple Store and also other Apple Authorized Service Providers offer the same-day replacement service for the screen. If any technician needs to send the iPhone to a designated Apple Repair Center, the customer will be contacted when the repair is done and the phone is ready. Always ensure to back up the iPhone before taking it in for servicing to ensure a speedier repair process. Always make sure you know your Apple ID and password.

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