Don’t hear call volume in iOS 9: iPhone after update

don’t hear call volume in iOS 9, for Incoming calling volume is one of the most hesitating problems in iOS device. Many users are frustrated on low calling volume then aspect. That time you can fix through from this tutorial guide. Mostly iOS 9 Users querying, after iOS 8 update with iOS 9 and installing device result poor calling voice quality, and dead sound.

Devices mostly affected with Poor call volumes are iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus. If you are getting this problem on any other iOS devices, than share with us about full story in detailed on below comment box.

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Try to fix: Don’t hear call volume in iOS 9, running on iPhone

1st : Go to the Setting > Sounds > Enabled change with button. When you receive incoming call then press volume up button from side edge. That will affect incoming voice quality.increase voice sound from side button

2nd: Restart your device, by press and hold sleep/ Wake button. Or force restart (Press Sleep/ Wake and Home button) device.

3rd: Somewhere wrong configuration in network setting, you might be facing problem on Don’t hear call volume in iOS 9. Follow the below steps for reset and correct network configuration.

Go to the Setting app from iPhone.

Tap on general and Reset.

Under the Reset, Tap on Reset network Setting. Verify passcode and Choose Reset Network Settings from popup.Don’t hear call volume in iOS 9 on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

4th: Remove unwanted noise, when you are on call

This setting is very useful, when you are on call and holding phone near to your ear. Your iPhone automatically remove or stop ambient noise coming to your ear.

Go to the Setting > General > Accessibility > Under the Hearing section (Enable Phone noise cancellation). This will also help for fix low call volume in iOS 9 device.Enable Phone noise cancellation under the setting

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Try above all possible solution and share which is the best for your case when you Don’t hear call volume in iOS 9 running on iPhone (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus), iPad.