Downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X in Mac: Steps

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Yosemite OS X 10.10, released on 16th Sep 14, Till today Yosemite is the newly updated version of OS X for your Mac, MacBook. However, Most of the former people don’t want to use and run Yosemite on his/her Mac machine behind many reasons. At the time after upgrade your OLD OS X like mavericks and lion with new one Yosemite. You must have to downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X manually. Here are the basic steps on how to Downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X. in the process of downgrade OS X, Yosemite you have two ways, 1. Downgrade using old recently backup of your Mac. 2. Make fresh system OS X update, by Removing all the changed in files and folders. In second option you can lost all the settings, newly created files and folders.

Note: So before downgrading Mac OS X, please take backup of all the files and folders (Documents, Pictures, Videos, installed apps and download) in separate drive or online cloud storage.

Now are you ready? Downgrade Yosemite to Mavericks OS X in your iMac, MacBook, MacBook pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Xserve. If yes then follow the below steps in serially.

Here are steps for Downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X: iMac, MacBook

Here are the steps on restore OS X Mavericks, or Downgrade OS X Yosemite (10.10) using Time Machine Backup.

Step 1

Reboot you Mac machine by press (Command + R), and enter recovery mode.

Take restore or downgrade using time Machine - Downgrade Yosemite to mavericks OS X

From here you have to choose time machine

Step 2

On Next screen, you can show Utilities menu of OS X Yosemite, From the different option for downgrade, you have to choose first, “Restore from Time machine Backup” option.

Step 3

Now you have to choose drive or external drive that contained all the backup taken using Time machine in Past. Tap on Continue.

Verification screen for restore or downgrade

Rap on continue to restore or Downgrade

choose old backup drive

Choose drive where backup file located

Step 4

Then, you can see all the backup list date wise, and all versions. Then tap on continue.

choose latest Mac OS X backup

inside the source drive choose the latest backup

Step 5

Choose you Mac system drive, where you want to install or run your Older version on OS X Mavericks.

Tap on restore option.

Choose drive in your Mac for restore

Select destination drive, Where you want to install

Step 6

Single popup will appear on the screen, restoring system will erase all the data. To process choose continue option.

To start restore tap on continue

Tap continue and start restore or downgrade process

Step 7

Now you can see restoring process, it will restore GBs of data in your system. Restore process Time spent depends on how much data you have to restore.

Downgrade process on Mac

Downgrade process depends on file size

2nd way

As alternate option you can use Reinstall OS X option also  

Boot the device (Command + R) > from Utilities Menu choose Reinstall OS X > Choose drive > Enter Apple  ID > Tap on continue and restore.

How like you feel, any problem in restore older Mac OS X or Downgrade Yosemite to Mavericks OS X (OS X 10.10 to OS X 10.09) then share us in below comment box.

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