how to Access iCloud Photos: Download iCloud photo to Mac or Windows PC

1 Download Photo on Mac or PC from iCloud

Here’s Trick to Download iCloud Photo (Access iCloud Photos) or Video directly from iCloud not easy for Non-apple device. New iCloud photo library help to download it across from other Apple devices. You should enable it for auto sync or update an existing photo library on your iCloud account or other Apple device connected with same Apple ID. the iCloud Photo library is perfect features for iDevice because it’s secure, Easy and very fast compared to other cloud storage options.

This is the best solution for access to other iCloud photo library on Mac (Apple ID Not connected). Because unknown Apple ID we can log in on any browser (Safari, Chrome) there is no restriction from Apple.

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Here’ I open my apple ID on my windows PC browser.

1 Download iCloud photo on Mac or PC from iCloud

Steps for Download iCloud photo to Mac or Windows PC

1: Go to the on Browser.

2: Login with correct Apple ID and Password, used on the iOS device.

1 sync start on iCloud account for photo

3: Click on “Photos” folder under the iCloud account.

Here you can download a single photo or multiple photos at once. For download Single Photo

Move at the top, Click on “Select Photo”. Click on Photos one by one.

3 Choose multiple photo for downlod from icloud

To select all photos captured in a day: Click on “Select Moment

4 Select moment and download whole photo album on iPhone

Then, Click on Download From top browser tab, Shown in the above picture

Didn’t find the latest photo on iCloud Photo library

Sometime you may not find an instant effect on iCloud photo library due to many reasons and common problem.

Your iCloud storage space is full and Can’t able to save more photo after 5GBs. Clean up iCloud Storage space instantly and Easily without upgrade plan.

Poor internet connectivity: Wi-Fi or Data plan, manually push sync operation on the iPhone or iPad.

Enable iCloud Photo Library: Go to the Settings > iCloud > Photos > Enable iCloud Photo Library

5 Enable iCloud Photo library on iPhone

Enable iCloud Backup, Go to the Settings > iCloud > Backup > Enable iCloud Backup.

6 Start iCloud Backup for iOS data

That’s it

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