Download Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers (4K) Here

Here are the Download Official MacOS Sonoma Wallpapers 4k, 6K Resolution for iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. macOS Graphic & Radial Colors.

Apple announced the beta version of the desktop Operating system-macOS Sonoma on June 5, 2023. This macOS Sonoma brings a new lock screen with exclusive aerial wallpapers. In addition, there are five new delightful wallpapers available for free download. All Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers are amazing and make waves in different color schemes. Alternatively, we can change the Desktop Backgroud Picture on Mac without Downloading.

There are different macOS Sonoma wallpapers, like macOS Graphic with a colorful sunset sky, and four other similar Radial wallpapers in diverse colors, such as Yellow, green, blue, and purple. Here’s Best Naruto Wallpaper for Mac.

Where is the Wallpaper Stored on Mac? Open Finder on Mac from the top menu, Go > Go to Folder > /System/Library/Desktop Pictures/ Hit the Return to find it.

New macOS Sonoma Wallpapers Free Download [6K:- 6016 x 6016]

#1. Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers

The Default macOS Sonoma Wallpapers are below; It will Woks as Dynamic Wallpaper in light and Dark Theme. Available in 6K Resolution, compatible with 4K Screen.

To change Default macOS Sonoma Dynamic Wallpaper, Right click on Desktop > Change Wallpaper… > Select macOS Graphic under Dynamic Wallpapers.

Download the macOS Sonoma 13 & 15-inch MacBook Air Wallpapers

Official macOS Sonoma Wallpapers for MacBook Air 15-inch and 13-Inch. Names Radial Yellow, Radial Green, Radial Blue, Radial Purple.

#2. Radial Yellow Wallpapers

macOS Sonoma Radial Yellow Wallpaper
macOS Sonoma Radial Yellow Wallpaper

#3. Radial Green Wallpaper

macOS Sonoma Radial Green Wallpaper
macOS Sonoma Radial Green Wallpaper

#4. Radial Blue Wallpaper

macOS Sonoma Radial Blue Wallpaper
macOS Sonoma Radial Blue Wallpaper

#5. Radial Purple Wallpaper

macOS Sonoma Radial Purple Wallpaper
macOS Sonoma Radial Purple Wallpaper

To sum up, download and Apply your favorite wallpaper on your Mac Desktop or laptop and share them with your friends and family!

Where is Apple’s Official Default Desktop Wallpaper Stored?

Yes, we can get it High-Resolution UP 6K Resolution Wallpaper Copy from your MacOS File system. Open Finder on Mac, from the top menu. Go > Go to Folder > Copy the Command:- /System/Library/Desktop Pictures
Hit the Return.
See the All Wallpapers. Copy and Use the Original Wallpaper.

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