Fix Dropbox There Was an Error While Downloading Your File

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Dropbox is an amazing cloud storage platform that allows us storing, and managing files, photos, documents, and videos on the go. One can anytime, anywhere access the files on Dropbox if an internet connection is available, though it is more reliable than carrying the hard drive everywhere. Dropbox is available in the web interface as well as you can download the Dropbox app on a computer, both functions the same. With all these benefits, Dropbox could be a problem, when it won’t download files and shows there was an error while downloading your file on Mac, PC.

In this article, we’ve covered the best possible workarounds to deal with Dropbox won’t download files on MacBook and Windows PC. These solutions will fix the issue once and for all. However, if you’ve any other workaround in mind that worked then comment it.

There was an error while downloading your file Dropbox

Solution 1: Switch Internet Connection & Quick Tips

Usually when the internet connection is weak or keeps disconnecting, Dropbox could show error while downloading photos, files. In that case, if you’re using Wi-Fi then try using Ethernet or reconnect to another Wi-Fi.

  • Turn off VPN or Uninstall VPN from iPhone
  • Don’t use Public WiFi, might be dropbox connection is blocked by public wifi, Use your Private or Own Home & Office network.
  • Use Different Browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari.., Best Browser for Mac, or Remove Third-Party Extensions. also, Try in Private Browsing mode if you don’t change your favorite browser.
  • Allow Websites to Perform Simultaneous Downloads from Browser settings. if the Download file is stuck on download multiple files then Try after Restart your Browser or Re-Open Dropbox in a different tab.
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Solution 2: Use Dropbox Web Interface

If you’re stuck and in urgent need to download the files and folders from Dropbox, then instead of wasting time in fixing the Dropbox App, its better to try Dropbox web interface and download the files.

Visit the Dropbox Web Link on any browser and log in with the correct credentials. Select the file or folder and download whatever you want.

Make sure the PC is connected to a stable internet connection, to avoid there was an error while downloading your file Dropbox.

Solution 3: Use Dropbox App

While the Dropbox web version is not working, then download the Dropbox Client on PC and download whatever files to local storage. Once you download the Dropbox App and sign in with ID and Password, it will take few moments to sync with the Dropbox app, depending on the internet speed.

Thereafter, locate the file or folder that you want and copy-paste it on the computer’s local storage. With the Dropbox app, you don’t need to log in every time, the files will automatically sync and will be available to use right on the Mac, Windows PC.

Solution 4: Check Dropbox System Status

Dropbox System Status or Server Status check online

Downloading slow and Won’t download dropbox file from the server has a big issue with server down or poor connectivity. So, most of the time dropbox sent emails on the system up-gradation and technical issues. check your Email inbox or See the live Update on the Dropbox website.

Solution 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Dropbox App

Already using Dropbox App, but unable to download files from Dropbox App on Mac, PC? The only solution left is to delete and reinstall the Dropbox App.

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Delete Dropbox App on Mac:

  • Open Finder on Mac, From top Mac menu, Go > Applications.Open Applications folder on Mac finder
  • Find dropbox applications and Right Click on the app icon.
  • Select the Move to Bin option. Delete Dropbox app from mac
  • if you can’t delete the app or uninstall then force close the Dropbox app running on Mac backgroud.Dropbox can't be moved in to bin
  • To stop all the process, open the Activity Monitor on your Mac from Spotlight search. and Type Dropbox on Activity monitor search and see all the Dropbox process. select all and Force close by Click on the close button in the activity monitor window.See all Dropbox Process on Activity monitor
  • Force Quiet” and That’s it.Force close all dropbox process on Mac

Delete Dropbox App on Windows:

  • Search Apps & Features.
  • Find Dropbox and click on it.
  • Select Uninstall.

To reinstall the Dropbox App, click on the Dropbox App download link and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

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