7 Fixes Email Push Not working on iPhone, iPad after iOS Update: Here’s Complete Troubleshooting

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Apple’s iPhone Mail updating automatically is an outstanding feature. That’s call push mail service, which refreshes all incoming Mails to device by push email from Mail server. Also, We have dedicated custom settings for Auto Push Mail option available for iCloud emails and Gmail Push for Apple Mail app. In any case, if an Email push is not working or stops to your Mail app, Check the below Apple Mail app settings and configuration listed below.

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If you want that you can turn on/ enable push service for all Mail accounts, otherwise if you aren’t interested then it’s useful for saving battery life by a stop background process.

Latest Note:

Apple’s latest operating system iOS thirteenth has been released worldwide for iOS 13, iOS 14 Supported models. New iOS comes up with awesome features and essential changes. Almost users have downloaded iOS 13 and it irritates due to certain glitches like app crashes, App crash randomly, and go back to the home screen as well not all applications still updated by developers for the latest iOS 2020, that’s why it doesn’t run expectedly.

Lot’s of Redditors have complained that iOS Mail problems and answer is downgrade iOS or wait for the next future update. Just send feedback reports for a particular app to the Apple for native App or contact third-party developers.

if you having a question Why is push email not working on iPhone? please read the bottom guide carefully.

Fixed: Email Push not working on iPhone, iPad Mail App

Solution 1: Enable Mail Notifications

iOS/iPadOS users have custom individual Notification settings for each app installed on the Device. So, here’s the way to Enable/Disable Mail notifications on iPhone/iPad. if Mail notification is enabled thereafter you can check the Notification settings for individual signed in mail account and prefer notification type like push/Fetch in the next solution.

  • Go to the Settings app on the iPhone/iPad.
  • Scroll to Notifications option.
  • Next, Scroll down and find the mail option. Here’s Enable Allow Notifications toggle.

    Enable Mail Notifications on iPhone
    Enable Mail Notifications on iPhone

Solution Two Make Sure Push for New Mail is Enabled

you can check it out with the following steps:

iOS 14 or Later iPhone Users

  1. Open the Settings app > Scroll to Mail app.

    Mail Settings on iPhone Settings app
    Mail Settings on the iPhone Settings app
  2. Now, Tap on Accounts Next, the Last Option is to Fetch New Data.
    Fetch New Data Settings for Mail account on iPhone mail app
    Fetch New Data Settings for Mail account on iPhone mail app
    1. Keep the Push Toggle Enabled to get new data to your iPhone from the mail server.

      Push Mail from server to iPhone for iPhone mail app
      Push Mail from server to iPhone for iPhone mail app
    2. Scroll down and see the Fetch Section, According to your requirement we can set the customer duration, So your iPhone will check new emails on mail server on your time you set. The default setting is Automatically.

      Fetch Schedule for iPhone mail app
      Fetch Schedule for iPhone mail app
    3. Under Fetch New Data, We can manually set the Different push and Fetch Settings for Individual accounts on your iPhone for the iPhone Mail app.

      Select Schedule for mail data on iPhone mail app
      Select Schedule for mail data on iPhone mail app

Old Settings, Older iPhone models

For iOS 11 or later user, Open the Settings App → Find Accounts & Passwords → Tap Fetch New Data > Tap iCloud → Make Sure checked mark next to the Push under select Schedule.

  • Go to the iPhone/ iPad Settings App > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Enable Push.
  • One more thing, check out that for Email Fetch Automatically option selected not manually.

    Fetch New Mail Data on Push Notification
    Fetch New Mail Data on Push Notification
  • Next, Go for all individual Mail services and Set it on Push from Three options (Push, Fetch and Manual)
  • Next, if you want to get email on your schedule (Only for the Fetch Options)
  • Choose your interval in four different (Every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly, and manually). For all Email account, that set on fetch Schedule Automatically gone and work periodically.

    Fetch New Mail Data on Push Notification on Time interval
    Fetch New Mail Data on Push Notification on the Time interval

Solution Three Please Enable Background App refresh

in case your background refresh is not activated for mail app then it doesn’t work and not sending your future all mails push notifications. so mail app under the background app refresh must be turned on.

In case you stop all app background refresh on iPhone/ iPad. Re-enable it for the Mail app.

Go to the Settings > Tap General > Tap Background App Refresh > Enable Background App refresh.

you can see on the screen three options:

  1. Off
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Wi-Fi & Cellular Data

I suggest choosing the second option Wi-Fi only because the third option is to eat much data and so that there is a chance that you will get a big data bill next month. If you have an unlimited data plan then there is no problem. but it will drain the battery rapidly so you must have an external power bank or a battery case cover with you.

Enable Background App refresh for iPhone app

Solution Four Check Account Login

Re-login Mail Account again after remove/ Delete that.

  • For iOS 11 or later users, Open the Settings App → Find Accounts & Passwords→ Select Mail Account and choose a specific email account and then tap delete.
  • Go to the Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Mail > Delete Account. Next, set up a new Mail in Mail App.

Solution Five Reset All Settings

Your iPhone is stuck in the wrong settings so you are unable to apply other settings. Reset all settings option will keep user data as of before after reset is done. This process will restore default settings the misconfigured for the mail app. For Mail app notification especially. Let’s do it. During the reset settings, your iPhone will reboot itself. So don’t afraid of that.

Go to the Settings App> Tap General > scroll the screen till the end and tap on Reset > tap Reset All Settings [Enter iPhone passcode to apply changes and complete reset process].

Solution Six Mail Fetch is Disabled in Low Power Mode

Turn off Low power mode for Mail Fetch on iPhone and iPad
Turn off Low power mode for Mail Fetch on iPhone and iPad

Low Power mode manages power consumption from the background software process. Mail Fetch is one of the most essential functions that help in huge battery saver. Here’s the verification popup while we put your iPhone in low power moe sometimes. Follow this and Turn off low power mode for all time:

  1. Open Settings App
  2. Find and tap Battery
  3. Look on Low power mode
  4. Turn toggle Low Power mode off/grey.

Solution Seven Mail Notifications and Calls are Silent

Do not disturb mode on iPhone & iPad doesn’t ring your Phone when the Phone is receiving new mail notifications, and Phone calls as well. Because Do Not Disturb mode doesn’t block the notification always.

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  1. Go to the Settings App
  2. Tap Do Not Disturb
  3. Turn off the Toggle for Do Not Disturb.

Broad Solution is Here – How to Fix Mail App not working on iPhone

That’s it. Still, are you suffering from Email Push not working or New Mail can’t afford auto-fetch, Email Push Doesn’t Work. Contact your Mail provider.

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