Enable/ Disable Find My iPhone on iOS 11/ iOS 10.3 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

It’s not surprising if you can’t see Find my iPhone Enable/ Disable option in iPhone settings app. Because it has been changed from iOS 10.2.1, iOS 11 and later updates. Now more options to manage iCloud account settings are under primary profile name at the top of the iOS settings app.

Find my iPhone and iPad is important and came in frequently use before restoring the device to iTunes or Clean iOS install.

Steps for Disable/ Enable Find My iPhone on iOS 10, iOS 10.2, iOS 11 or later

Find my iPhone on iOS 10.2 or later

#1 Go to the Settings app on iPhone/ iPad

#2 Tap on Profile name, Next Tap on “iCloud”.

#3 Scroll down to screen, See option “Find My iPhone”. (Apple ID Password required)

Find My iPhone > Enable Toggle.

5 Find my iPhone iPad iPod Touch on iOS 10.2 or later
Where is Find My iPhone in iOS 10.2, iOS 10.3, iOS 11 or later?

Location Service must be enabled to save current device location.

Remotely Check Find My iPhone/ iPad/ Mac is enable or not!

Find list of the device connected with same apple ID, See screen above.

Tap on it, to check it’s enabled “find my iPhone“, “Find My iPad”, “Find My Mac”.

I checked for other devices iPhone 5S/ Mac Mini. Unfortunately, apple is not giving options for remotely Disable/ Enable this option on other Devices.Trusted Device list is not available

Help: Sometimes I get a message “Trusted Device list is not available” instead of the list of devices. Close settings app from iPhone/ iPad and Recheck at the same place, hope it will available. I got it on my case now your turn.

Alternate options: Using Web manage all device. Go to icloud.com and Login with Apple ID and Password. Find account settings and manage devices for remotely erase or Call. 

We recommended: Find my apple device must be enabled for all device to take advantage on lost or find from the misplaced area in office or home.

iOS 9 and Earlier iDevice: Find my iPhone/ iPad, Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and iPad.