How to use Quick Reply on lock Screen for iMessage on iPhone (iOS 17.1.2)

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Get all about how to reply to messages on the lock screen on your iPhone. For the Privacy concern we can manage all incoming messages on lock screen notification, In that instant message Previews, Stop/ Disable lock screen notification, Notification sound, and Previews types we can change from iPhone/ iPad settings.

Quick reply on the lock screen for iMessage/ Text message after review it is a fantastic option for save a lot of time and compress finger tap counts on screen. Some users keep Disable Quick Reply on the Lock Screen that we will see here in alternate Ways.

Enable/ Stop or Disable Quick Reply on the Lock Screen: iPhone, iPad

in iOS 15 later version iPhone users, Here are Steps to send a message from the lock screen on iPhone using quick reply on notifications center without unlocking your Phone.

  1. Take your Phone on hand
  2. Now swipe the screen by tap finger on the middle of the screen so all available notifications will appear.
  3. Now on tap and hold on to any message notification so that a text reply option allows with your iPhone keywbord screen.quick-reply-in-whatsapp-and-messenger-on-iphone
  4. next text your message and tap send to quick reply.

That’s it. I hope, this trick found helpful.

Disable for iPhone/ iPad Message App

1 Reply message on lock screen iPhone and iPad
  • #1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.
  • #2: Next, Tap on Touch ID & Passcode.
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For iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and iPhone X user- tap on Face ID and Passcode

  • #3: Disable Reply with message toggle,
2 Disable Quick Reply on lock Screen iPhone and iPad

Now see my lock screen message, we can see it by slide left the notification > View. But don’t make an instant Reply with Message. (Wants to stop view/ read message on unlocked screen follow the below guide).

Know MoreHow to turn off lock screen Widgets on iPhone

Turn off Quick Reply on Lock Screen for Third-Party Text apps: WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Kick, Hike

For the list of other third-party apps, we can also Manage Incoming Text Notification on Lock Screen.

  • #1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.
  • #2: Find “Notification,” Here we find a list of all installed app and take action for an individual App.
3 Disable or Stop reply on lock screen from Third party apps
  • #3: Tap on Messages > Under messages Options > Show Previews > Off
4 Disable instant Preview of message on lock screen

Now, you can’t read the text body sent in new iMessage or Text Message.

For Stop/ Disable app notification on new Message, Find it in list Disable “Allow Notification” Completely Off.

5 Stop notification for Messages on iPhone and iPad

Other Useful Settings related,

  • Show in Notification Center
  • Sounds
  • Badge App icon
  • Show on the Lock Screen

Here’s troubleshoot Fix Quick Reply not working on iPhone

Share your iPhone’s settings with others, Also explain and why to set that.

More suggestion on Turn off a reply to messages on lock screen comment on the comments.

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