Enable/ Disable Quick Reply on lock Screen for iMessage on iPhone

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For the Privacy concern we can manage all incoming messages on lock screen notification, In that instant message Previews, Stop/ Disable lock screen notification, Notification sound and Previews types we can change from iPhone/ iPad settings. Quick reply on the lock screen for iMessage/ Text message after review it is a fantastic option for save a lot of time and compress finger tap counts on screen. Some users keep Disable Quick Reply on lock Screen that we will see here in alternate Ways.

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Enable/ Stop or Disable Quick Reply on the Lock Screen: iPhone, iPad

Disable for iPhone/ iPad Message App

1 Reply message on lock screen iPhone and iPad

#1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.

#2: Next, Tap on Touch ID & Passcode.

For iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and iPhone X user- tap on FaceID and Passcode

#3: Disable Reply with message toggle,

2 Disable Quick Reply on lock Screen iPhone and iPad

Now see my lock screen message, we can see it by slide left the notification > View. But don’t make an instant Reply with Message. (Wants to stop view/ read message on unlocked screen follow the below guide).

Know MoreHow to turn off lock screen Widgets on iPhone

Turn off Quick Reply on Lock Screen for Third-Party Text apps: WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Kick, Hike

For the list of other third-party apps, we can also Manage Incoming Text Notification on Lock Screen.

#1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.

#2: Find “Notification,” Here we find a list of all installed app and take action for an individual App.

3 Disable or Stop reply on lock screen from Third party apps

#3: Tap on Messages > Under messages Options > Show Previews > Off

4 Disable instant Preview of message on lock screen

Now, you can’t read the text body sent in new iMessage or Text Message.

For Stop/ Disable app notification on new Message, Find it in list Disable “Allow Notification” Completely Off.

5 Stop notification for Messages on iPhone and iPad

Other Useful Settings related,

  • Show in Notification Center
  • Sounds
  • Badge App icon
  • Show on the Lock Screen

Here’s troubleshoot Fix Quick Reply not working on iPhone

Share your iPhone’s settings with others, Also explain and why to set that.

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