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1 QR Code reader in iPhone with iOS 11

How to Scan Qr code with iPhone Camera App: iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X,8,7,6S,SE,5S

Finally, iOS 12 launched with the great new feature which helps to lead enhancing iPhone user experience for personal or Business use. As the title itself says “Quick Response Code,” the QRcode works quickly and do anything with reducing the efforts of iOS users. Previously the iPhone or iPad user’s need to install the third-party application to scan QR codes, but now there is no need to use third party application because now Apple will give that feature by default in inbuilt camera application. As soon as you update your device to iOS 12, the feature will active by default, if in case you want to turn off that function, just follow this tutorial step by step.

Apple has revealed this creative feature recently in WWDC, and today some developers are using the beta version of iOS 12 and sharing their experience with a positive response. In a few days, it will be publicly available to use and people will go to like it much.


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QR code is an interesting and useful innovation which reduces the human efforts and saves the time of peoples. There are so many utilization of QR code like, if you want to make payment or receive payment from someone, to add contacts on your device, to access wifi network, to approach any URL or application, to make calls, to make email or messages at predefined address and there are innumerable ways to use it.

Simply you need to open Camera application on iPhone and focus on the QR code, after that, you will receive a confirmation message as notification if you want to access that address of QR code just click on that message and it will automatically redirect to web or application within seconds.

How to use Scan QR codes on iPhone camera?

Adjust iPhone camera screen on QR codes only. Wait for 2 to 3 seconds. After read code successfully, you will get the notification at the top of the screen, Tap on it for the jump into the installed app, Music, Video or Web address into an appropriate installed app on iPhone or iPad.

1 QR Code reader in iPhone with iOS 11

That’s it Without Install QR Code Scanner or Reader, Read Code from anywhere from the camera

Follow Turn on/ Turn Off Scan QR Codes in iPhone, iPad Camera in iOS 12

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad

2: Scroll down and tap on the camera

tap on camera settings iOS 11 or later iPhone

3: Find scan QR codes and disabled it or Turn off this feature.

enable disable Scan QR Codes to iPhone camera iOS 11or later iPad

By default, it’s enabled in all iOS 12 devices.

Once you disabled it, we won’t be able to read QR code using iPhone camera. Built-in QR code scanner using camera doesn’t work on incompatible iOS 12 devices.

Note: Similarly you can enable that feature by following the above steps.

If ever it seems your iPhone camera QR codes are not working then must check out Scan QR Codes trigger is enabled under the Camera Settings.

This is another worth feature after portrait mode in iPhone.

The QR codes are invented a few decades before, and it is frequently used in Asian countries. The US is not much action in developing this science, but now Apple has taken the initiative to expand this feature.

The QR codes are very efficient to use, and one can make their personal code to reach themselves quickly. 

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