Disable or Turn off Apple Pay on Safari iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Enable/ Turn off Apple Pay on Safari iPhone: iOS 13.4/12/iOS 12.4 [How To]

Are you feeling unsafe by enabling apple pay on your iOS Safari browser (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch)? Then you have an enormous option from apple that we can disable/ Turn off Apple Pay on Safari iPhone for all time or temporary without removing credit cards from Apple Pay app, next re-Enable Apple pay in safari when you want. Parental control does not work for this specific reason.

If you know, Apple pay on Web now Simpler, Easy and secure way to make a purchase online through apple pay without entering credit card or debit card numbers. So when it’s available public – millions of users rush to try Apple pay on the web, if you are the web developer, then be ready and configure your payment system with one more apple pay option.

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Step for Disable or Turn off Apple Pay on Safari iPhone, iPad Browser

Note: Pay with apple pay browser, you need touch ID or passcode for the verification.

Step 1: Go to the Setting app on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.

Step 2: Scroll down, next tap on Safari option.Manage Apple pay option in iOS 10 Safari

Step 3: Then, Check for Apple Pay option, Disable Apple Pay for safari for the case on you don’t want apple pay features on safari app.

Enable Apple Pay for Safari on iOS 10

Repeat the above steps and Enable Apple pay toggle.

Largest Online shopping portal or eCommerce solution (IBM, Shopify, and Demandware act.) ready for apple pay web-based integration.

For the New macOS Siarria also compatible with apple pay, Means Pay on Mac Safari web using Apple Pay option, by allowing permission from your iOS device remotely.

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