How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram on iPhone, PC & Mac in 2023

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Keep in mind that, after setting up two-factor authentication for your Instagram account then your App or even web browser will be asked you to enter a special login code so it confirms your login attempt each time someone tries to access Instagram from a device that doesn’t recognize.

generally, two methods that you can use with your Instagram account. The first is a text message or SMS code from your mobile phone. And the second way is using third-party authentication apps that you can use to login codes: The Apps are Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator – you can install them free of cost from the Apple App Store.

So, first of all, before setting up two-factor authentication for your Instagram account, you’ll need to have at least one of the above-mentioned setup in order to use two-factor authentications for Instagram.

It seems that the last year’s 2-FA commitment of Instagram’s been completed to build a safer kinder community. Form today, your photo-sharing platform Instagram will be more secure than ever before. Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram inside your Instagram profile settings.

You guys, learn here how to use, disable and enable two-factor authentication On Instagram on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

What is Two-factor Authentication in the Instagram account on your iPhone?

The Instagram 2-FA is an extra layer of security recently offered by an Instagram, service provider. This new protection feature is dedicated to all Instagrammers to prevent and safe their Instagram account details from hackers.

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So when you’ve turned on 2-FA, then every time you log into Instagram from an unknown device you’ll be asked to enter an SMS code in addition to your username and password.

Stepwise Guide to Setup – Enable Two-Factor Authentication Instagram on iPhone

Setup - Enable Two-Factor Authentication Instagram on iPhone App

Steps to Turn on Two-factor Authentication for Instagram on iPhone Mobile App iOS

  • Step #1. Open Up Instagram App on your iPhone.
  • Step #2. Tap on the Profile icon located on the right-bottom navigation bar,open an Instagram app on iPhone and tap on profile picture appear right bottom
  • Step #3.  Now Tap on the More option (three horizontal lines) on the upper-Right side.
  • Step #4. Tap Settings appear on the lower-right side pan.
  • Step #5. Now tap Security.

on this screen appears, Add extra security to your account, two-factor authentication protects your account by requiring a login code when you log in on a device we don’t recognize.

Click on Get Started

Choose Your security method

Choose how you want us to send security codes.

if your mobile number registered with whatsapp, you might get option of Whatsapp (Optional), Authentication app ( Recommended) & Text message.

  • Step #6. On the screen, under the Login Security heading, Tap Two-Factor Authentication.
tap security and tap two-factor authentication for Instagram on iPhone iOS
  • Step #7. Turn Switch ON next to the Require Security Code…
  • Step #8. Will you ’be asked Turn this on? For enable, tap on Turn On.
  • Step #9. if your Instagram account doesn’t have a confirmed number. Then you’ll be asked to enter a phone number.
  • After that, you’ll get a confirmation code on your valid mobile number. Enter a text code and tap on done to finish the process.

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    That’s it.

    From now, your Instagram account by requiring a code every time you log in on an unknown or own device.

    Please Note – After turning on 2-FA (factor authentication), you will be able to access backup codes for your account.  This back code can use if you don’t receive an SMS security text code during the two-factor authentication login process. Get here more about the backup Code.

    Guide to Enable Two-factor Authentication for Instagram on Pc, Computer, or Mac

    First of all, open this link on your Mac computer or PC web browser

    • Step #1. Login Instagram account with the correct username and password.
    • Step #2. Click on User Profile iConclick on user icon on Instagram web
    • Step #3. move your cursor and click on the Settings icon looks like a Gera on gear icon on settings on Instagram web
    • Step #4. On the screen, Choose privacy and Security on privacy and security on Instagram web on PC computer mac
    • Step #5. you’ll get various settings, please scroll down the screen to get two factor- authentication editing setting for Instagramscroll down the screen to get two factor authentication on Instagram on PC computer web mac
    • Step #6. Click on two factor- authentication Edit Link
    now click on two factor authentication Instagram web PC mac
    now click on two-factor authentication Instagram web PC mac
  • Step #7. Manage Two-factor authentication for your Instagram account no matter the Instagram business account or private account. And That’s it.use code messege on sms or authentication app to two factor authentication for Instagram on mac PC computer
  • Didn’t get a 2-FA Instagram confirmation code on the iPhone? What should I do?

    You should wait until 1 minute to get a text code. If you still didn’t get it, please tap on resending the code and wait for 60 seconds. The same problem persists, then make sure that your enrolled cell phone number is correct. To view that, tap on Change it link appears on the screen to enter a confirmation code.

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    Here you can see the number and choose the correct country code where you are living. If the number is okay, however, you won’t receive a confirmation code, then try the below steps.

    Turn on airplane mode then turn off back and try the same process. You can also report a problem to Instagram relating to Something that isn’t working (briefly explain what happened and send it).

    How Do I disable Two -factor authentication for Instagram on iPhone or iPad?

    Open Insta App> Go to your Profile > Tap More option appear upper-Right side> Tap  Gear icon (Settings) → Tap Security> and tap two-factor Authentication → Move toggle of Require Security code in Off situation → at the end, tap on turn off at the bottom of the message that popup.

    That’s it.

    I hope, you like this tutorial Enable Two-Factor Authentication Instagram on iPhone, and iPad. Leave your feedback in the below comment box.

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