What are Restrictions on iPhone XS Max/ Xs/XR/X/8? How to Use Restrictions on iPhone and iPad

You need to know how to enable and Use Restrictions on iPhone or iPad. Prevent someone else to do the unwanted activity with your Apple Device.

Apple offers Restrictions a flagship feature in iOS Special for the parents to keep control of Kids. And, therefore Restrictions are also known as ‘Parental Control.’ It is useful to block or limit someone for specific apps and features on your iPhone/iPad and iPod touch. By the way, here we described how to use and enable Restrictions on iPhone 7 (Plus). Full guide for beginner to activate or deactivate restrictions for Apple’s new iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, old iPhones and iPad.

It’s a standard option to prevent anyone for tampering on your Smartphone. While you don’t wish to allow someone to install/ delete apps; want to hide Unwanted Apps icon from Home screen and better for control your kids without using any third-party Parental controls Apps. Let’s look here,


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How to Enable Restrictions on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 iPhone Restrictions settings


iOS 12 or later,

Step 1: in iOS 12 or later, Go to Settings App> Tap on Screen Time, Turn Screen Time ON> Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions > Enter Screen Time Passcode or Restrictions passcode.

Restrictions options in iOS 12 on iPhone XR iPhone XS Max iPhone Xs

Step 2: Turn toggle Content & Privacy Restrictions ON/ Green> Now use restrictions for specific Apps and functions. Get More – How to use Screen Time in iOS device

All types of Restrictions settings

iOS 11 & Earlier

Step 1. Hitting on Settings App >> General >> Restrictions.

Step 2. Next, you will have to tap on Enable Restrictions.

Step 3. Let’s setup Restrictions Passcode and Re-enter again Restrictions passcode.

That’s it.

Now on the screen, you will appear green button next to the Apps name. For example, under the Allow tab, while you turn off Safari, then the Safari browser icon would be hidden from the home screen.

Similarly, you can hide given apps like Camera, Siri & Dictation, FaceTime, AirDrop, CarPlay, iTunes Store, Apple Music Connect, iBooks Store, Podcasts, News, installing Apps (don’t allow other to install new App).

To Deleting Apps (While you tap & hold on any app icon on home screen then just screen jiggling, but Apps deletion option (X) will not appear),

In-App Purchases (if you want to Prevent from particular types of Purchases on your iPhone 7 (Plus) then make disable this option).

Next, on the iPhone 8 Plus Restrictions screen second item is, allowed Content: Here Ratings For (select the country in the score section to apply the appropriate content ratings for that region automatically), Music, Podcasts & News, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Apps, Siri, Websites and Password Settings. As well as prevention feature for Privacy settings and restrictions settings and accounts (Cellular data Use, background App refresh, Volume limit), etc.

Please remember while you have restrictions on; then you might not see the particular type of features or services on your iOS devices. Therefore, if you’re ever feeling something missing like app icon or app feature, or can’t use certain services, then try turning restrictions off.

There are lots of folks having problems after activating Restrictions such as can’t see an app on the home screen; can’t work app features properly (for example- Siri, location services) and app settings are missing or grayed out/missing.

You should also read this bright idea to set up Parental Control on Apple iTunes.

Steps to Turn off/ Disable Restrictions on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus/ iPhone 7/7 Plus

SettingsGeneral Tap Restrictions → Enter your 4-Digit Restrictions Passcode → Next you will have to tap on Disable Restrictions → You’ll be prompted enter again Passcode.

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