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Last Updated on Aug 25, 2023

Get from this Story about iTunes Radio. What is iTunes Radio? It’s an Online Radio services provided by Apple. One kind of Free Radio services that Streams number of Radio station for long time. To listens iTunes Radio music, songs and more, you can use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well Mac, Pc and on Apple TV. The unveiled of iTunes radio by Apple in its WWDC – June 2013 Keynote. It’s currently available in the USA and Australia.

Know about iTunes Radio Features

Now let’s we go ahead to know some special about iTunes radio, according to our experience, advertise create irksome for listener in meanwhile the Radio Streaming. If you would like to ad skip features, it’s also available in iTunes Radio. But you can skip only Six Songs per hour per Radio station. If you’ve iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you can skips from Lock screen as well also know that how many skip remaining? Remember, if don’t skip then you’ve to need wait until hour is up or, change the radio station.

Fast forwarding or replay option is not available, but you can buy it from history of iTunes radio. Main features of iTunes Radio is a Siri integration and Station Customization.

Auto Stop iTunes Radio feature – if you don’t interact with iTunes Radio up to two hours, So iTunes Radio Times is out and then if you want to start it again at that time you’ve to require Go to iTunes Radio and start Playing  radio station another Time.

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If you want to remove ads from iTunes Radio then you’ll need to subscribe iTunes Match. It’s a yearly subscription plan. If once you buy it then its run up to 1 year. I mean iTunes radio ads didn’t interrupt to you up to one year.  You can subscribe iTunes match through iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or Mac/ computer whatever you’ve. For that Apple ID must require. After Purchase, iOS 7.1 or later OS and iTunes 11.2 and later user have not require Turn ON iTunes Match, while remain users have to require Turn On iTunes Match after purchase on their iDevice.

No iTunes Radio everywhere, so that know more what is available in iTunes Radio at your Country?

If you’ve any advance idea about iTunes radio then you can share with us.

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